Our Approach
  When there is an order of web designing for our clients, we at Nowlix Web solution, undergo through a systematic, planned and sophisticated method for analyzing the task to obtain the best results. We try to understand the required criteria so that we can deliver the web design following the specifications. Our approach revolves around some of the processes which are listed below:

Understanding Requirements:
This is the primary process which is followed by us when you contact us for getting your work done efficiently. Our team understands your requirements fully by hearing you vividly and providing you the best possible support. You can contact us by making enquiries or by getting a quote from us for designing your website and we are always happy to help you.

Fetching The Best Package:
After you have established a proper contact with us and discussed your requirements and criteria, we go for analyzing about your requirements and develop a proper quote in terms of price and plan for you. We try to include the best that can be included within your provided budget and time frame. We present a layout before you to make you clearly understand about what processes we are going to follow and what advantages you are obtaining as an end product. A detailed research is conducted and you can rely on the service as our designers are experts have great experience in working with many companies and projects before.

Layout Design:
Here, in this stage we go for knowing more about your website like what you want to do with your website and its sole purpose so that we can be clearer about designing an interesting layout for your website. A proper layout can attract more customers to your website. We send you designs to choose from an innumerable number of layouts so that we can deliver you the best. It can give you an idea on how the website would function.

Providing Attractive Designs:
A unique design can take your website to great heights as it can differentiate your website from the others and can be more productive and optimized. We also send you the designs to get them confirmed if you need any changes in the design part. That can help us in the analyzing of getting you the fully fledged final design which would be much more consistent and eye catching.

Coding And Database Management:
In this stage, we implement the coding part of the website which is the vital one. Nowlix web solution has experts on Dot Net, MySQL, PHP, Magento and other platforms who carry on the task without any hindrance absolutely. We work with a server side open source scripting technique which is flexible and thus easy for the admin to operate the website. All types of technically advanced processes are implemented so that the end product is outstanding and exceptional, both to operate and to look.

Final Error Correction Through Testing:
After the coding is done and the template is designed, it is provided to you for the purpose of testing to know about the various functions of the website and check the operations. In this approach, we try to improvise upon your feedback and mould it according to the revised specifications. Ultimately, it fetches you with a high quality end product with sophisticated options and specifications.

Final Launch Of The Website:
At this stage, the website becomes ready to be launched into the market and we do the set up for you. We explain you the process so that you don’t face any type of problems later. After this stage, people get to be able to access your website and services all over the world at any particular instant. We focus specially on your targeted audience and try to improve all aspects of the website with more improvement and better implementation. Optimization for your website is done so that audience gets attracted more to your website.

Support After Launch:
This is also another crucial stage as you may be an amateur for operating a website. We try to provide all types of support and monitor all your traffic so that you can be benefited to the maximum extent. Securities ends are tightened for the website all types of errors are corrected. Bugs are taken care of so that visitors don’t face any problems while accessing the website. Loading of the website is made faster so that users are eager to browse through the website more and more. Our SEO experts analyze the website very thoroughly and you can get the optimization done with perfection. All white hats techniques are followed by our experts which are suited to the latest trends. This ultimately leads to the marketing of the product or service you offer. Maintenance is also taken care by us.
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