Android App Development

Run on the robust Linux platform, Android has steadily begun to dominate large sections of the mobile phone using audience, thanks to its dynamic capabilities. Businesses are increasingly seeking to engage the attention of its Android users, and harness the benefits of the rich apps that are possible to develop using powerful open source technology. We at Nowlix understand the varied creative possibilities in Android app development. Our bespoke Android apps offer a wide range of features including

  • A rich interface, developed using the powerful Android SDK tool manufactured by Google
  • Integration with Analytics, translating to improved logistics, and numbers crunching, therefore benefitting businesses
  • Multimedia capabilities that sync with the business requirement and appeal to the target audience
Adroid Application Development
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We Craft your android app to do great


Android powers millions of phones, tablets and other devices that lets experience the power of Google. The android apps that we develop are fast, multitasking and is easy to connect and share with the users. Android is a perfect platform for developing a wide variety of mobile games and apps. It's flexibility has made it a favourite choice for both users and developers. Developers within us always look to deliver change by implementing modern features and techniques for developing applications.


Best utilization of resources to meet the demand


Nowlix Web Solution is a leading android application development company involved in developing powerful and engaging android apps. We geared up to develop applications exclusively for android mobile platforms.

Android is a versatile platform that allows easy integration with cross promotion of various applications. We have a specialized team of experienced Android application developers to create a customized application that meets your necessities in a unique way.

  What We Do?  

Dynamic design, easy to understand


We make sure that apps that we develop are extremely effective at winning the customers interest. We integrate all available features available in the market to build custom rich apps. We systemize all development process to develop effective apps.

We incorporate efficient, time management techniques and plans to help obtain qualitative apps on scheduled time. The applications can leverage your business ahead and increase your presence in the internet by developing the brand name. We analyze every aspect of your necessities in the field of apps and develop apps that integrate to deliver outstanding performance by performing any intended function. We make sure android apps that we develop is compatible with all types of android devices.


We develop apps for all categories that are listed in application store.

  • Entertainment and social media apps
  • Security and banking apps
  • Travel and GPS navigation apps
  • Multimedia and Social media apps
  • 2D and 3D android Games apps
  • Utility and communication apps
  • Business and finance apps
  • Interactive Education apps
  • News and Lifestyle apps
  • Custom android apps
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All application developers within us have successfully developed numerous android applications. We encompass both experience and recognition in developing android applications. We hold expertise for developing applications for different versions of Android. Developers from us perfectly familiarized of technologies and features to develop fully featured app.

We develop android applications that deliver maximum performance in terms of task performed by an app. We own experience for developing applications that deliver maximum functionalities. All developers working with us experienced in understanding the requirements of customers and expectations of users. We can build apps that are optimized for both phone and tablet. In addition, we as developers keep updating with outstanding research and development for turning each app into an exciting one.

Android gives outstanding platform for building apps and games for Android users everywhere, in addition open marketplace for distributing, them instantly across multiple platforms. We have experience of building applications to all categories listed in the application store. One can choose application development services from well experienced firm like of us.

  Key Features  
  We develop your ideas into custom rich apps
There are lots of benefits for customers to acquire android application development services from Nowlix Web Solution. Besides, the apps that we develop can increase your recognition among the android users to a great extent. There are lots of reasons to think to prefer android platform for your application development. We make use of all influencing resources available in the market to help build android applications as an effective one. The application can be developed including all essential facts and features to perform it's intended task effectively.


Some of the features that makes android best platform for applications are:

  • Android is based on Linux, it enables easy accessibility to core functionality and development environment.
  • Application development tools are easy to use.
  • Steps involved in development of an application are very less.
  • There are lots of possibilities for your application to reach users through different channels.
  • It is a cost effective application development platform
  • SQ Lite for database or data storage
  • Great quality of images and video
  • Have proximity and magnetomity sensor.
  Best Practices  

Our Best practices to develop best apps


Android is a versatile platform, that's based on Linux allows easy integration and cross promotion of various applications. Nowlix Web Solutions incorporates best practices to develop apps that are custom rich and effectively perform any intentional task. We make use of best tools available in the market to build a brand new applications, we blend technology and creativity to build apps that set us apart as a leading developer in the market. Best practices can leverage your business opportunities.


Let’s see some of the benefits that you can acquire with our best practices in application development.

  Be recognized: The applications that we build can help your recognition among customers and competitors. One best application is capable enough to make certain about your recognition.

Prime Position: All Successful marketing solutions that we provide can always keeps your app at prime position.

Build Trust: Enhancing and creating brand solutions to build trust among users.

Quality Exposure: Customers can reach your app with just one click.

Effective Pricing: This is the best place to invest for your application development since we follow best practices to design and develop your apps.