Mobile App Development

Mobile users are increasing day by day and to keep pace with the changing market trend, Nowlix takes the initiative of building responsive, intuitive and business centric mobile application. To match your diverse business needs our mobile solution will completely transform your business. If you are ready to handle large amount of customers, then our mobile solution will make your business global in a mobile friendly manner. What we promise to clients?

great interface design
fast performance
fast install
error free application

At Nowlix Web Solution, you can expect to receive cutting edge application solutions that can turn your vision into reality. Our team works on iOS, Andriod, Symbian, BlackBerry applications.

Mobile Application Development
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Nowlix Web Solutions develop applications that seem to be the best partner for end users. Mobile applications developed by developers intended to perform task effectively and efficiently. We focus towards building high quality mobile applications that addresses customer’s objectives and satisfy the user. Application development is the ideal platform to pass on advanced technology to the handheld devices.

At present mobile technology has led to the development of applications that enhance usability to benefit diverse users. Developers are capable enough to build applications intended to offer strategic benefits over business.


Our developers are well versed with following

Iphone App Development
Blackberry App Development
Android App Development
Windows App Development

These applications when installed perfectly permits full access to the mobiles advanced features, such as multi-touch interfaces, dialer, address book, calendar, and much more.

  What We Do?  

We drive your thoughts into Applications


All Mobile Apps Developers within us incorporated with all modern resources and technology to make best use of latest tools available. They also develop feature rich mobile applications. We make use of robust and cutting edge technology for developing an application to delight users beyond expectation. Complete Mobile Applications Developers team looks forward at recognizing every requirement of customers. They also build apps with an intention to meet those requirements. In addition, all developers functioning under us deliver quality filled services by presenting feature rich apps that offer high capabilities over social networking, business GPS etc.


Experience Reality with our Developers


We are capable enough to generate your thoughts into real apps. If anyone can let us know about your necessities in the mobile world through or any changes one would wish to present to users with apps, we are here to bring it into reality. All developers functioning within us make best of resources available to build feature rich applications that perform the intended task effectively. One can experience the capabilities of mobile applications through mobile application development services. We develop apps to all lists of mobile platforms to hire from us.


Our expertise can make your dream come alive


We have potential expertise in building applications to various mobile platforms. One significant factor is that customers find apps developed by us delivering maximum capabilities to meet their requirements. We hold expertise in developing apps to the following list of categories.

Fun & Games
News & Weather apps
Business apps
Navigation or GPS apps
Bluetooth based apps
Music & Entertainment apps
Medical & Pharmaceutical apps
Social networking apps and much more

Not just to that we even integrate two or more apps that deliver maximum satisfaction to the end users. Main intention of is to explore the necessity among the users through applications and develop applications to meet the needs. Developers and programmers within us well versed with software and technologies that are essential to build feature rich stunning apps. The applications developed by us are stunning in design with astonishing interfaces to attract customers.

  Key Features  

Features that add life to apps and lets users experience the reality through apps.


Uncompromising Commitment and teamwork enables us to deliver outstanding capabilities through apps. Developers and programmers working within us never compromises when it is to meet customers’ requirements, We always look forward at presenting exiting features with apps that we develop.


We are well versed with all modern features and technologies available to build applications that are:

Feature rich
With Striking interfaces
Easy navigational features
Stunning Designs
Fast processing
Compatible with multiple or different screens

Our developers and programmers make use of following software and platforms to build custom rich apps and Games:

Objective C
Android SDK
Cocos2D & Box 2D
  Best Practices  

We Design and Build apps just the right Way, Come let’s see how we do it.


Developers and programmers employ the best practices to develop applications, with the main intention to satisfy the customers and end users. We look forward at integrating all available resources in an efficient manner to make users explore the best user interface design by organizing layouts, menus, action bar, settings, dialogs, notifications, input controls, accessibility, search etc. Only then an interface seems to be astonishing.


Applications to revolutionize the mobile world


Not just limited to that, we also develop apps that are compatible to multiple screens and delivers fast processing speed. We thoroughly determine the requirements of users and customers and look forward at delivering robust apps that meet the requirements. In addition, we set forth emerging trends and latest tools implemented to design and develop applications.

Last but not the least we even analyse the performance of the application by running it in a virtual machine to determine the capabilities of apps at meeting the requirements.