Windows App Development

As the Windows mobile platform steadily grows in importance and adds on to its range of processing and programming capabilities, businesses have been quick to cash in. Windows app development spans various business requirements, and the immense flexibility of the platform gives scope to develop creative, engaging mobile apps.

At Nowlix, we provide Windows app development

  • Specific to business niches with flexibility and ease of use
  • Tapping the rich programming abilities of the Windows 8 platform
Integrated with the Windows mobile devices and featuring ease of use and customization

Whether you need specific apps for office use, communication or interactivity, entertainment or online commerce, our app development specialists can help. 

Windows Application Development
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Customize your widows apps with Nowlix


Windows Mobile is a smart OS platform based on Embedded CE that used in a wide range of windows phones. Windows mobile platform enables developers with numerous options in developing custom windows mobile applications. Windows seems to be the most anticipated platform for technical and non-technical users. Nowlix Web Solution holds rich experience in developing applications that synchronizes with windows and run effectively on windows mobile platform. Windows mobile apps developers within us are skilful and experienced in porting from other mobile platforms to windows or either way.

Programmers and developers within us have experience in programming for the touch screen environment and use accelerometer. Expertise over DirectX can render complete 3D solutions for windows mobile games and apps employing DirectX and Direct draw APIs.

As specialized developers in Silverlight and XNA framework technologies deliver exceptional quality mobile application solutions. As leading application developers, we are into in the development of commercial, enterprise, and in house applications. We strictly adhere to the guidelines to build robust and scalable mobile applications.

  What We Do?  

We build application that matches with lifestyle


Windows is a distinguished mobile platform which is now emerging to be trendy OS winning the hearts of numerous mobile users. We help increasing capabilities of windows phone with windows application development process. We are into the development of windows application for all categories listed in the windows store. The apps that we develop can execute all functionalities that are intentional.

  Let’s see what we do in the development of windows application development.  
We provide the custom rich mobile application development by skilful and experienced developers.

We offer cost effective and sensible mobile application development.

We are involved in developing a wide variety of client application including for both offline and online functionalities.
We are involved in apps development in accordance to specific business needs.
Process can be streamlined to enhance windows wireless apps to build easily.
  Key Features  

You can get everything that you desire

We have skilful team of developers, to handle windows mobile application development process that we specifically develop in accordance to all global customer needs. Windows mobile application development best performed with an experience in about Microsoft technologies. There is also need for technical skill in mobile programming languages and frameworks to offer superior services.

Key features of Windows mobile application development process includes:

Multiplatform support with Touch support and Edge gestures.
Start screen and Live Tiles.
Tile based user interface.
Settings of application with user context roam with the help of cloud technology
We Build apps as per your requirements.
Programming apps using C#, C++, while using XAML to illustrate the UI.
Building apps using web technologies like HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.
The templates include common layout and communication models, together with fixed layout, grid app, navigation app, and split app.
Focus on core business application.
Effective data storage solutions for mobile devices.
Storage of valuable data in centralized servers for reporting.
All databases designed to integrate business scalability in mind.
High performance data recovery and instantaneous exposure.

Featured windows mobile application development services from our expert developers


Experienced application developers within us hold experience in developing Seamless data connectivity apps, Multimedia enhancements apps, utility apps, enhancement for Microsoft office mobile. Years of expertise sets us apart as a leading application development firm. We have years of experience in experimenting innovation to emerge as best Windows apps possible. This has led us in diverse directions, and we have worked on apps ranging from business, games entertainment, education, sports, health, and much more.


Our expertise in the field of windows application development includes:

Windows Phone application testing
Custom Windows Phone application development
Windows Phone application maintenance
Windows phone game application development
Enterprise Windows mobile applications
Windows mobile application upgrade

We have selected the precise technologies and features we are not just skilled but zealous about exclusive applications development that delight users and puts a mark in the application store. As experienced developers adept at translating the user friendly interfaces that Microsoft promises into the next stage.

  Best Practices  

Let’s see how we redefine application development


Windows application development features your device with outstanding capabilities. Our best practices can help your tasks gets simpler. We incorporate best knowledge about some of the technologies that help building windows mobile applications. List of windows technologies that we make use in building applications are:

Microsoft .NET framework
Windows Phone SDK
SQL Lite
Visual Studio
  Under the guidelines of latest Windows Mobile SDK by using Visual Studio an integrated development environment, we focus in building applications for Windows Mobile. Visual studio helps the programmers to develop applications as an exciting one.