Work Culture
Nowlix believe that a decent place to work can act as a greatest motivation factor for employees. Soothing and friendly atmosphere at workplace can definitely contribute to improved productivity of the company. If you work in a place where you can create your own corner, make your thoughts come to the surface, than you know what a decent work place means. What Nowlix has to offer to employees?
Fun, continuous learning, self improvement, professionalism and sharing of knowledge is what Nowlix concentrates upon.

Friendly staff
Stress free environment
Career growth

We believe in creating transparent work culture where communication can take place from both ends. Our face-to-face interaction gives the liberty to communicate with employees.
Work Culture

Nowlix web solution believes in providing the professionals with all essential amenities to make them most comfortable at work. This in turn not only enhances in maintaining a good relationship with the working team but also enables to improve their performance. A good working environment is what we offer to our employees.

The management comes up with innovative ideas very often to encourage the professionals to put more effort in the services they offer. We provide the workers with expertise to handle the needs of our customers independently with confidence. We believe in bringing up an organization that is more like a family working hand in hand to offer top notch services to the potential clients.

Transparent And Comfortable Environment
Transparency in work and commitment towards the service we offer is something we would never compromise. We take up the expertise of the professionals in specialized fields and offer a comfortable working atmosphere to bring out the best from them. If we would have failed to offer that comfort zone, the overall atmosphere would have changed. Everything would become monotonous and this in turn will affect the productivity as a whole. We believe in offering the employees with essential facilities and hope to bring out the best from them in the form of performance and productivity. Well, it is more like a give and take offer.

Passion For Delivering Quality Service

Our young and enthusiastic professionals are passionate enough to deliver quality service on the right time. The trained professionals are always active to provide you with immediate and effective solution for your business promotion. We never compromise anything in quality and offer superior client satisfaction without much hassle. The specialized team work together like a family and help to find the best solution for the customers.

Monthly Office Parties

Nowlix web solution also throws monthly parties to give the professionals a break from their regular routine. This is to relieve their tension and stress and to enjoy partying with colleagues to the fullest. A number of entertainments and games are organized on the day to have unlimited fun. Moreover, everyone is served with world class cuisines to lurk their taste buds. It is also a great platform to enhance the understanding and interaction with the colleagues more effectively.

Festive Celebrations

We also encourage celebrating all the festivals with great fun. Mostly different departments are grouped into teams competing with each other for different events. Moreover, parties are also organized at the end in a grand way.

Reward For Excellence
We never forget to appreciate and reward the talented people who showcase great excellence in completing a project.  Mostly, they will be rewarded with a promotion to higher post or rewarded with a price or salary increment. Well, such decisions are made by the panel of management and then enacted accordingly. At times, we also fix target points and divide the professionals into different teams. This is usually done to cultivate the competition spirit in them and to work effectively as a team.

If you wish to be a part of this organization, then send in your resume at the earliest. We will keep in touch with you whenever a job opening comes. This is the best chance to be the part of a wonderful family, so never miss it.

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