Affiliate Program

Are you interested in earning a good sum of money from your website, blog? You just need to sign up with our affiliate program which gives you an enormous chance to win over a huge sum of money. Once you signed up, you can get access to banners that can be placed on your blog. Whenever there is a purchase of SEO program through affiliate link, you will be able to enjoy commission.

Benefits of our SEO Affiliate Program:

Become an international SEO reseller with Nowlix Web Solution.
Get the comprehensive solutions that can help you enjoy your success.
Fast and flexible solution will allow maintaining relationship directly with clients.
Affiliate Program
  Attractive Commissions And Afficient Web Marketing Now Using Our New SEO Affiliate Programme  

We are currently one of the leading services providers for Search Engine Optimization Service. Our services are readily available on an international platform. We are proud to announce the commencement of our most rewarded Affiliate programme. Popular SEO services provided by us are like Blog comments, reviews, Social Book marking, Forum discussions, Article submissions, Link Wheel and Link Trundle to name a few. We give full priority to the specific demands accepted from our clients. We are offering top notch service to our clients at proper price with no hidden costs. There is an excellent efficiency of our employees to deliver the work within short notice time. We have always kept it a strong necessity at our company to analyze and study the keywords and websites of the respective clients prior to providing them with our affiliate services. For further assistance, we keep our clients regularly enlightened of the amount of progress that we have achieved on their work.

  There Are Certain Additional Benefits That You Can Derive From Us:

  • We have attractive new deals in store for our customer. Our affiliates make a good amount of commission by providing the clients with these value added services.
  • The rates are quite amazing. You earn about 10% to 30% on every sale as a commission.
  • The range of earning is from about $30 to $5000 and any one can be absorbed into our company on the basis of a few simple steps.
  • On request, custom banners and custom links are also provided.
  • Automatic deposit of salary money as well as transparent metrics is also featured on the internet on the website of our company.
  • 100% customer satisfaction is our number one priority whatsoever.
Our staffs are very dedicated professionals who are ever ready to answer all your queries and questions.
Newsletter services are also rendered mostly in e-mail and seldom in hard mail, to ensure that our customers remain updated about our latest up gradations and offers.

  Our Staff And Your Satisfaction  

We have experienced SEO optimisers who better understand your needs and demands. These proactive employees will simply deliver the best service package that is possible for you. The cost is being taken down and more time is being invested to raise the ROI. We offer excellent marketing tools at very reasonable, or rather, attractive rates. This is because the process followed here is very simple and our company is one of the best options for most of the clients who are looking for a SEO Affiliate programme. For website development, PPC, internet marketing services or other affiliate services, our company will be the reasonable choice that you make.

  How To Get Started?  
Firstly, get yourself by logging in using your affiliate account and after registering for it if you don’t have one.
  • Request for the banner or link and get the HTML code for it.
This code has to be embedded in your web page and then you can just sit back and relax.
One also earns money by promoting us as well as getting more signups for the website.
  Premium Services  
  • Various website operations clubbed with our own SEO package will give a huge control of the techniques for refining the SEO and also for the internet marketing services. There is certain plug-ins that is available to allow the merchants to accept money through PayPal or other finance institutions. Live quotes are also received from shippers like FedEx, UPS, DTDC, Blue Dart etc. Our concept is being embraced all around. This will be a very valuable proposition which is based entirely on the tested and passed idea of giving something worthwhile for free to the affiliate in return for a facilitation to the premium upgrade services and for access. The rates that we have been offering are the best that you will be using for the good of your visitors and for the website that links.
  Commission Rates  

The following will help you understand our commissions that have been recorded as being distributed officially:

  • In general about 1-10 Sign-ups a month brings 10% commission from the subscription fee which lines up around $30 dollars for a single signup.
  • 10-20 signups will get you 15% of your subscription fee bounced back and it is near about $45 per signup.
  • If it is about 20-30 signups in a month, then $60 will be received from the subscription fee considering 20% of total subscription fee.
  • For 40 or more signups, double the subscription fee will be received which will be near about $100.

These are the most attractive commission rates in the market and our company provides these commissions so that being a demanding affiliate, you can enjoy exceptional service while building your own websites. Also, internet marketing platform and other package extensions are found on the website which can take the website into higher marketing potentials. Being an affiliate would fetch you a lot which you can only discover once you tie up with us and start earning from us. Our flexible plans make it a very friendly and promotive environment for you to work on and there would be absolutely no hindrance. We are also available always to support all your queries and shortcomings.

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