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As handheld devices become increasingly popular, diverse apps are being developed to cater to this growing demand. The issue that companies often face is, how to make the apps run across many mobile platforms? This was created to respond to this need for cross-platform functionality, is expensive software. The free alternative is Flex, which is fast becoming important for businesses looking for affordable programs for these purposes:

  • Creatively adapt mobile platform UI and layouts of handheld devices
  • Make multiple adaptations to suit different mobile platforms
  • Economize on costs of adapting an existing mobile platform UI

Interested to know more? Nowlix Web Solution has Flex developers on board who can help.

Hire Flex Developer
About Flex

Creative Flex Design With Our Developer

Flex is software or an SDK or a software development tool, which was introduced for the expansion and the operation of the affluent internet applications rooted by the adobe flash platform.  It is software which completely enriches the website with its dynamic and extraordinary visual effects which makes it quite different from the rest and is used as a major tool by countless companies for creating a platform on the internet, mainly to attract traffic and let them explore the innovative web page with ease and simplicity. It facilitates high quality video support along with interactive applications for android, MAC, windows, IOS etc.

Why Flex?

Flex is open source software for creating the unique rich internet experience which is not a real possibility when you’re using standard HTML systems. It runs uniformly with all major browsers having flash player installed in them. Developers can deliberate and give more hands on time with regard to business logic and work flow rather than consuming time on developing various user related Interfaces. Also flex is the most automatic choice because of cross browser platform requirements in the present situation. One must not forget that unlike in the previous times the current needs are much more in the cross platform areas and hence the need of something as versatile as flex. Choose to hire flex developer from Nowlix Web Solution and cherish the services they deliver! We are rest assured that they are above par, however the choice is yours!

Benefits Of Flex

The Benefits Of Flex Are:

  • It runs on the flash player and hence is everywhere.
  • There are plenty of built in tools for versatile applications
  • It is easier than HTML or JavaScript.
  • Flex applications gives the real time rich user-experience.
  • Loads only the required content from the server hence reduces the load on servers a lot.
  • Flex applications can allow operation outside the browser and even offline
  • It can be set up and run faster than other systems

Hiring Experts

Why should you hire flex developer from Nowlix?

It is software which transforms any website to a rich internet application which supports high quality videos and content protection. It is true that creating such a dynamic visual enhancement is not an easy job and is not possible for everyone. Therefore, getting a perfect flex developer for the promotion of your company and its needs is very important.  Dealing with computer software and creating something out of this world requires ones hard work and time along with his profound knowledge about the application. We at Nowlix Web Solution have an experienced team of flex developers who are professionals and are highly qualified in their field of work.

When you need your company’s website to achieve exactly this, there is no doubt you need the expertise of a team who are not just proficient but have the farsightedness of what to do and how to go about it with a professional zeal. Our team knows this and at every step of the way in the development programme it will become evident that they have in-depth knowledge and can create something that gives optimum performance.

Attracting Traffic

Flex Developers At Nowlix Know How To Lure Traffic!

The flex enabled web platform is a sure-fire magnet for online visitors, mainly because it allows one to see real time data without having to refresh a page. It is on the basis of this unique benefit in mind that our team will give suggestions for the optimal use of graphics, animation and multimedia options. It is this rich mix of visual apps that hits the visitor and creates the appeal that holds him on to the page. Flex is the attention grabber and the eye ball seeker. Our team will ensure that you site has more feature and less codes. This innate versatility allows for your future expansion needs on various other platforms too. So if your site enables various cross platform presentations, you are certain to have access to a much larger traffic than you normally would. With the inherent strength of the flex platform you can analyse various graphical data which will allow you superior understanding and thereby correctly arrive at a decision too. In the hands of a capable flex developer this graphing capability can allow him to build a higher level of automation in your site and thereby make it possible to drive a higher revenue routine. If you intend to hire flex developer who is trained at Nowlix, you can be rest assured that you shall have cent per cent satisfaction with their services.

Understanding The Needs

One of the most important areas of a commercial transaction is in understanding customer needs. To have a whole lot of expertise and a host of talent pool is not sufficient to create a successful service providing company. Our success stems from the fact that over the years we have learnt that our success depends entirely on understanding client needs more than anything else. If that be the first step the next step is logically listening and assimilating your need and figuring out how to deliver that need. When these two steps are gone over carefully that we know what our goal is with regard to your exact needs.

Trusted Service

We are fully aware that getting the Rich Internet Application running requires carefully planning and very subtle execution. With this in mind we have at your service a team of experts that know the labyrinths well. Our team at Nowlix will ensure that after developing and creating the platform for you it will have complete functionality and grace you would expect from a superior platform. This is not just true from your point of view but something that is certainly going to give your visitors a truly rich experience you can be proud of. At the same time the system will be geared to handle in cross platform needs that might arise later or in conjunction. When you trust us and hire flex developer, we strive to give you the very best of what’s available.