Hire Html5 Developer

Streamlined, light-weight, dynamic and with multiple possibilities, HTML5 is flexible enough to have become one of the web’s most popular platforms. Whether you are looking to develop a game, a new web application, a mobile app for your business, HTML5 is your all-purpose tool.

Nowlix Web Solution offers HTML5 developers for different needs such as

  • Mobile apps
  • 2D/3D graphical interfaces
  • Dynamic web services
  • Rich Internet applications (RIA)
  • Improved user experience
  • Replacing Flash-based programs for smoother rendering, across platforms

Hire Html5 Developer
  Bring In The Magic Of HTML5 Into Your Websites  



Time is changing and so is everything in this world. Web industry has developed and changed quite a lot over the past decades. The basic ingredients of the web world are changing and you need to cope with them to stay in the race to be a successful website. Modern technological support and assistance is what we seek to provide at Nowlix Web Solution.

About HTML5

HTML5 is the latest revision of the HTML, which is popularly used by most of the websites as the mark-up language to create their basic webpage which is then modified with the use of PHP, JavaScript and other supporting languages. HTML5 was introduced in December of 2012, a decade after the previous various HTML4 was standardized. HTML5 is also sometimes referred to as the collaborated upgrade of HTML4, DOM level 2 HTML and XHTML 1. So you can expect a lot of changes in the format and logic.

The New Stuff

Major Changes

HTML5 aims at allowing developers to be more creative and develop pages that include fascinating features and multimedia support to the fullest. Many things have been introduced and many things have been remove to move forward with the modernization of websites. Some of the major changes that you can expect include:

  • Starting from the top element, document type declaration or the doctype is shorter and simpler.
  • Many elements from the last version are now obsolete. Some of the elements include acronym, font, big, centre and some others. Most of the removed elements were least used and the newer version offers simpler method to apply the same.
  • Form could now be created with simple and more effective implementation. New form input elements make marking easier and also the user are more comfortable with the newer inputs.
  • Global attributes or the attributes that could be applied to any element have an increased strength with more new attributes added for more effective marking.
  • APIs have been included in the HTML5 to allow developers to create a more sensible bridge between the web page and the application. Some of the most popular APIs include Media Player, Web Session History, Drag and Drop, Geo location and many others.
  • Video and music mark-up have become easier with elements introduced for dedicated embedding purpose.
  • One of the new APIs allows you to create a location on the webpage that can be used for drawing by the user and this can be put to use in many websites for specific purpose.

This list of changes could go on and on. HTML5 has certainly introduced a wide range of changes and possibilities.

  Need Help?  

Why Would You Need Professionals?


HTML5 is relatively new and all of its features are not supported on all the websites that are in the market, including the likes of the popular ones. Many of the elements need to be standardized before every one can start marking up their own websites with utmost efficiency. But the fact of the moment is that you need to know the tricks to make the web page do certain tricks.

For instance, figure is a new element that is introduced to insert illustration along with the text. In case the illustration does not load properly, different websites will react differently which can create a problem for the user in case he is unable to understand the part of the page. Such knowledge can be provided by professionals who have been working with the HTML on regular basis and know what changes are taking place in the architecture, every single day.

This is why you need Nowlix Web Solution. Our team of HTML5 developers are professionals who have been in the industries for a long period now. They have handle HTML 4.0 and are now using HTML5 to provide our clients with their website with everything like they wanted it to be like. Nowlix team have also worked in the HTML5 environment for a fair amount of time to give us sufficient experience to tackle most of the tricky situations.

  What We Do?  


What To Expect From Us?

Using HTML5, Nowlix offers you more than just webpage development. Some of the major services that we provide include:

  • Creating webpages that are optimized with the current generation of web browsers.
  • Creating designs for highly interactive user experience.
  • UI conversions, like from Flash to HTML5.
  • Application development and certain web solutions using the help of HTML5.
  • Porting of naïve web application into HTML5 applications.
  • HTML5 can also be used for mobile application development for the Android, iOS and Blackberry.
  • Webpage integration for multimedia components like videos, audio and pictures with unique touch to make your website standout by its make.

These are some of the services that our team of HTML5 developers have to offer. You might not find a service exactly fitting into your requirement, but still you may approach us. The above services are just an outline of all the services we offer. You might need a service which is very uncommon and hence is not mentioned here.

  Why Our Team  

What Makes Us Special?

We are an expert HTML5 developing team that is ready to help you with your HTML5 related issues and developments. Our team comprise of talented and experienced individuals who are ready to listen to you and figure out accurately what you are looking for and then move onto the service and contract. As part of our work ethics, we lend a full transparency into the work we are doing while we are working on your project. Our support is famous in the developing industry for the hospitality that they offer. It would be a great experience for you while getting service from Nowlix Web Solution.