Digital Marketing Service

Looking for marketing techniques that are affordable, cutting-edge and innovative? The solution: Digital marketing, by which businesses are cutting down on traditional marketing costs while widening their reach. Get into the digital space and increase business revenues:

Reduce dependency on traditional marketing channels which can be expensive and often obtrusive  
  • Target niche audiences through channelized marketing in different digital spaces like mobile, Internet etc.
  • Reach your audience 24/7 with diversified marketing strategies as many people stay increasingly plugged in to their digital devices and even when and on the move
  • Use networking and peer-to-peer recommends through social media platforms.

Reach out to your savvy, networking audience with innovative marketing services provided by Nowlix Web Solution.

Digital Marketing Service
Digital Marketing- Need Of The Hour

Digital marketing

What is digital marketing?


Digital marketing is the marketing principle that takes the help of electronic devices or gadgets such as personal computers, cell phones, tablets, digital billboards, tablets and even gaming consoles with the aim of engaging with the customers as well as other business partners. And internet marketing via website designing is a major and useful component of such digital marketing.

Here the consumer actively and personally seeks marketing content usually via the use of web searches or by the opening of an email, web feed or text message. Blogs, streaming media such as audio and video and websites are some examples that come under this.

What We Do?

Neither your company’s business nor the customers of your company live in just any physical world or entirely in the digital world. Nowlix Web Solutions with its vast experience in real digital marketing whether online or offline understands this core concept and helps you to get and retain a lot more customers than before.

A company needs a fully customized and coordinated manner of attack on the target market. Merely designing and creating a website is not sufficient to make the business profitable. Without an effective digital marketing campaign the company would not be able to create enough vital traffic required or adequate paying customers. Nowlix Web Solutions take the essential time required to completely understand the business you do, the customer base and the important competitors.

Nowlix Web Solutions provides the optimum digital marketing services. It works with the integration of three deadly components which are:


  • Strategic Thinking: the ability to focus on the key aspects of the client organization which are to be marketed.
  • Creative Flair: an ability to design attractive yet unique digital marketing strategies that generate better results in terms of traffic generation and profit maximization.
  • Out of box technology use: the ability to use cutting edge technologies and dynamic tools, to create a great digital marketing presence for client organization.


Core Areas:



The areas where we make a difference:

Nowlix Web Solutions offers digital marketing services in several multiple domains. Not one domain can cater to every marketing need of an organization. Hence a holistic marketing package comprising of several domains is designed by Nowlix Web Solutions in order to generate the best results and capture the target markets.

  • Social Marketing: We use the content, the strategy and the analytics in order to engage the potential customers over social channels and facilitate conversion of conversations to traffic as well as sales.
  • PPC Management: the powerful algorithms designed by us help in finding out the most profitable and optimum keywords for the ecommerce store. We make use of advanced bidding and advanced targeting options to reach the target customers.
  • Web Analytics: Nowlix  Web Solutions makes use of  high end data analysis in order to optimize the marketing spend over channels so as to bring long term profits and loyal customers for ecommerce store.
  • Email Marketing: we realize that Email continues to stand as the marketing channel with absolutely highest ROI in case of ecommerce stores. We at Nowlix Web Solutions help you segment the customers and allow you to send personalized mailers for users to improve the ROI.
  • Loyalty Campaigns: Customer acquisition mainly for ecommerce stores is very time consuming and a very costly process. The loyalty campaigns designed by us help you to increase the lifetime values of customers.
Key Features:

The various methods we use to tackle digital marketing needs are:


  • Improve the levels of customer interaction whilst reducing cost factors to serve
  • Optimizing the online communications to make it more relevant and timely
  • Analyzing customer interactions in order to improve the performance across the various channels
  • Bringing together several touch-points so a to provide single view of customer
  • Defining the customer segments and developing triggered, fully automated communication plans
  • Increasing the frequency as well as value of your customer interaction
  • Building virtual communities through the process of social engagement
Turning prospects into customers, developing customers into advocates
  • Providing end-to-end services in digital marketing
  • Search engine and delegated marketing
  • Loyalty  as well as Reward related programs
  • Systems integration and Multi-channel communications
Expected Results:


Benefits of working with Nowlix

With the use of Nowlix Web Solutions, optimum results are generated in every sphere of digital marketing. Some major ways we manage to do that are:

  • Improved or higher return of engagement:
    • Nowlix Web Solutions provides easy to use tools which help organizations in executing integrated multichannel digital marketing campaigns.
    • It guarantees uniformity in customer experience over channels
    • It allows the design, implementation and collection of promotion analytics
  • Improved compliance:
      • Nowlix Web Solutions offers the customers comprehensive compliance model meant for privacy and regulatory requirements.
      • It provides a highly adaptive verification model to keep track of promotion quality.
      • It provides a validated platform for all forms of digital marketing
  • Nowlix Web Solutions is a one-stop destination for every marketing need based on cutting edge technology platforms.
  • Nowlix Web Solutions reduces the total cost and this is done through reduced wastage, increased reuse and proper work skill allocation
  • Nowlix Web Solutions manages to drive productivity by the reduced process handoffs and by leveraging the mature and stabilized processes.