Free SEO Website Audit
  Seek for an SEO audit now to know what is wrong with your webpage!  
  How shall you understand whether your website is up to the mark or requires serious fixes? If your website is not well maintained and have technical glitches, you can rely on Nowlix Web Solution for advanced support! Trust the leading SEO service provider in enhancing your website rank within a short period of time.  
  How do we perform an SEO audit?
Nowlix works on setting keywords specific to particular sites in a proper way so that the website quality is enhanced and the site gets properly and suitably search engine optimized. Nowlix Web Solution performs precise SEO analysis that is coupled with checking the broken links judiciously by our professionals. Moreover, our experts are good at sorting out the issues associated with the SEO audit reports.

What does our SEO Audit report comprise?
We suitably analyze and prepare reports after thorough checking, that touches upon the following aspects:

Meta Tags:
You must know that Meta tags comprise important details pertaining to your web page, viz. Information pertaining to the creator of the page, how often is the page daily updated and which sets of keywords express the contents of a page, in entirety. At Nowlix, we analyze the number of duplicate Meta Tags present on your web pages and show them in our reports. You must comprehend that duplicate Meta Tags often leads to lowered website ranking.

Header Tag Optimization:
Optimizing the header tag is of primary importance as the success of any search engine rests upon enhanced indexing. Our SEO audit reports portray specific key phrases. Our professionals add texts containing specific key-phrases pertaining to your company, after evaluating their relevancy.

Alt Tag:
Do you know that the rank of your webpage can get affected if the HTML attribute providing alternate texts (when some image cannot be possibly displayed on your webpage) is not properly configured? It is important that the ‘Alt’ Tags are analyzed and fixed in order to bolster optimization of your web-page.

W3C Validation:
W3C Markup Validation service allows a plenitude of online users to verify HTML/ XTML documents. This ensures that your webpage conforms to the accepted technical quality and competence. Information pertaining to W3C validation of your website is clearly portrayed in our SEO audit report as it is required to understand statistics pertaining to site usability and browser compatibility.

URL Rewriting:
Dynamic sites include variables that tell that particular site what information should be shared with the users. If any redundant variable is passed, it is advisable to make the URL cleaner by rewriting it. Our SEO audit report touches upon the unnecessary variables that should be done away with, making it easier to execute URL rewriting.

Often website creators generate ‘same’ HTML contents that can be accessed via different URLs. This is not recommended and lists of such anomalies are obtained quite clearly in our SEO audit report. It is highly recommended to get canonical or similar (and not same) HTML contents to enhance your webpage ranking further.

Our SEO audit reports are competent in estimating a series of pages that have moved (pages with error responses of 301 Moved permanently) and yet others that are not found on the server and portray a 404/Not Found response.

Creating Robots.txt:
Every website owner should focus on letting web robots know about their sites by using the Robots Exclusion Protocol. Our SEO audit reports comprise intricate details pertaining to the created robots. We thoroughly scrutinize the availability of robots.txt and XML sitemap. If a sitemap or a robot is missing in the list, it is deemed to affect the ranking of search engines. We understand and are competent in addressing such instances.

Why choose Nowlix?

Affordable SEO services are rendered ‘on time’: At Nowlix, we take pride in using our expertise in providing affordable search engine optimizations.

Webmaster and Analytics tools are used sensibly: We, at Nowlix Web Solution are tech-savvy and use the Google Webmaster Tools to notch up data about dynamic websites and thereby verify the ownerships of the same, merely by installing asynchronous tracking codes.

Moreover, we use the Google Analytics tools to generate holistic reports. Using Analytics, we can easily track the discrepancies in tag campaigns or filter redundant data especially pertaining to advertisements or usage of keywords.

Segmentations, custom reporting flash tracking and customized email reports make our SEO audit reports all the more acceptable.

Unmatched Customer Support: We are at your beck and call at any hour of the day; we feel privileged when you bank on us for inquiries. However, we provide you with daily quantitative statistics that keep you updated, even on the move!

Customized SEO services: At Nowlix, we firmly rely on the fact that every business endeavor has its own specific set of requirements. Our professional teams are deployed to analyze your business requirements and assess the need for implementing strategies like cross-channel promotions, link building and optimizing keywords in contents or subtle Meta tag management.

Choosing our services can help you in escalating your website rank by several notches in less than a month. Trust Nowlix and the professionalism of our enthusiastic team members!