Link Wheel Service

Looking to develop strategic links and increase the long-term value for your site? If traditional link-building has not worked for you, try link wheel service.

Nowlix Web Solution offers link wheel service, designed to fetch links to your site without compromising quality. This is how it works:

  • We create original content relevant to your business and submit it to top web 2.0 channels
  • Link-building is done using the main site and mini-sites that have been created using web 2.0 channels
  • Social media promotion boosts traffic to your main site and mini-sites, creating a circular sustainable link-building network for your business online

Link building using the wheel strategy is a legitimate way to get great backlinks.

Link Wheel Service
What Does A Link Wheel Do?


Link Wheel involves using more than 5 unique web 2.0 sites with good page rank and in turn back link it to your site. There, centre of Link Wheel is any page on your site and rest builds up the web 2.0 sites. Main consideration is to choose targeted Web 2.0 sites with good page rank and more visitors to it. It accounts for the internet marketing of your site. Besides, it is one of the best SEO methods to drive traffic to your site.


Who Needs a Link Wheel?


If you wish to perform internet marketing and to drive traffic to your site, Link Wheel can do the job. It increases your websites position in search engines in addition, gets more traffic and business. It also takes your brand to People across the globe, creates awareness about your product or brand through Web 2.0 Sites that also let's enjoy the presence over top search results. Hence it is essential to have Link wheel if one wish to have an online presence and looking forward at marketing any products or services.

How it Works?

A Link Wheel is a process in which your websites pages can be linked to various Web 2.0 Sites that have Good number of visitors to it, this in turn back links or drives customers to your site. It is most widely used internet marketing strategy. It also involves creating a pattern of links which flow from one website to other and finally link it to targeted website that requires promotion.

Gets You More

Get Change for what you see



Link wheel gets you more in terms of traffic, page rank, and good position in search engine results. It is better Techniques of internet marketing. It also considered being latest and extremely powerful method that gets more prospectus clients from different locations. There are lots of benefits of implementing link wheel techniques to get an instant response from People.

Nowlix Web Solutions provide exclusive content upon topics related to your website with keywords that would lead more people to your site. The entire process relies on connecting relevant web 2.0 sites to other sites.


Link Wheel gets you more.

But some of the Web 2.0 Sites that serves for this concern are.

  • Squidoo
  • HubPages
  • WikiSpaces
  • Weebly
  • Quizilla
  • Vox
  • WetPaint
  • Tumblr
  • DevHub
  • Blogger
  • LiveJournal
  • Blogsome
All these sites play a significant role in getting whole hub of people to your site. It can also be considered as one of the most renowned methods of internet marketing. People get a chance to discover about your services on their site.

Organize Better

Systemize the way it works.

In general, there are two aspects of Link Wheel that has to be organized. Come let’s see what it is and how we do it. One it is Web 2.0 Sites and other the web pages of your website that has to be linked.

How we do it?

Web 2.0 sites can be considered to be the circumference of Link wheel, where your web page that has to be linked considered as a central hub. It is better organizing the way it looks when customers glace Web 2.0 sites. There are four main factors that can be added to your sites like content, videos, audio, and pictures. This can be used to link back people to your site. There is a possibility of Web 2.0 sites to link each other and spread about your company to wider horizon of customers. It can also drive lots of customers to your site. It increases the capabilities of your website to get reputed and also to increase the brand image.

Web pages of your site are the central hub and expected to obtain lots of traffic, once if effectively linked to Web 2.0 sites. The web pages that have to be linked chosen can be taken into consideration of all aspects that let customers explore your capabilities. Nowlix Web Solution as an experienced service provider looks forward at identifying the web pages that are attractive if not we make it attractive by adding appropriate content, pictures, videos etc. Hence one can expect to have more and more visitors.

Key Features


Life is better at top

There are lots of significant features that make your internet marketing process an exciting one, through Link Wheel. It is an exclusive link building methods of SEO. Nowlix Web Solution enables customers to experience the best out of Web 2.0 sites.  It makes your website drive more traffic and helps to get a place in the first page of search results.

Some of the features of Link Wheel are:

  • Different web 2.0 Sites in wheel gets interlinked to each other to link your sites.
  • Links in different social bookmarking sites draw enormous traffic and drive quality back links
  • Add unique content and articles on different Web 2.0 sites with Good Page Rank.
  • Through right Link wheel creation, organic back links from all directions can be obtained.
  • It Increases your online presence over various platforms this in turn, attracts numerous customers.
  • Link wheel that which formed makes internet marketing strategy a faster and better one.
Expected Results

It takes less time to expect results out of Link wheel.

Provided right strategies for Link Wheel creation are to be followed, you can considerably expect to see good results within less time.

  • The Number of visitors always measured to monitor the Link wheel process; link wheel links every websites in the form of wheel.
  • It can be expected to increase the ranking in search engine results page.
  • It can also expect to drive extensive back links to targeted website.
  • Increased sales lead.
  • Increases Marketing.
  • Increases Traffic to your website.