PPC Campaign Management

If you are running a Pay Per Click campaign, you want to know if your money is being put to good use. Are you getting optimal returns on the investment? Is the ad campaign up to date and knowledgeable about the latest patterns of search engine behavior and use? At Nowlix Web Solution we manage your PPC campaigns with a focus on optimized returns.

With our PPC campaign management services, you can

  • Identify and analyze changes regarding ad trends on top search engines
  • Tailor the PPC strategy according to the changing trends to remain dynamic
  • Boost returns on ad spend by identifying loopholes and setting up better strategies
  • Monitor performance to ensure consistent performance


PPC Campaign Management
Online Presence
  Get connected with more and more customers! Get your business highlighted in Search engines!  
  PPC campaign management offers you with numerous advantages. It is possible to modify, delete and add PPC advertisements at any point of time, and this will help you achieve results instantly. Google Pay per Click management can be the easiest and quickest method through which you can attract more customers to your website. Nowlix is sure that you are looking forward to ways through which sales can be increased in business and we are ready to serve you.

Search engine marketing has turned out to be an effective model for site and our team can easily create business and drive more customers to your website while establishing right keyword. Nowlix Web Solution will adopt strategies that can ensure success to your business.
  Looking for ways to create brand Presence?  
  In present era, it is natural that every business comes up with website and we know that you want to see your brand highlighted on first page of search engine. But, how is it possible? Nothing is impossible in this world! With Pay per Click campaign it is convenient to search the first position of search engine. We guarantee with positive results while conducting effective campaign.

Our Professionals are eligible for proving account and also give the facilities to enjoy management services for PPC:

Google AdWords: Google will enable to bid on your chosen key phrases while allowing you to fix a maximum cost involved per click which is also known as CPC. Take the chance to appear at top of search engine results with proper ad campaigning.
Yahoo search marketing: It allows displaying ads all over extensive network that may involve Yahoo, Alta Vista and MSN.
Unmatched Services
  Reach your target with absolute ease, Whatservices offered by Nowlix?  
Strategy: We take the initiative of defining pay-per-click objectives and understanding of target market. This helps us develop realistic strategy that can enable us to achieve the results at an affordable cost.
Keyword research: It is necessary to perform keyword research so that it can help to develop themed campaign. With proper keywords it is possible to improve visibility of products and services.
Ad copywriting: We are here to create relevant copy for advertisements in order to maximize CTR (click through rates) which can enhance the relevancy and lower CPS while keeping up the tone with brand.
Tracking: Our solutions maintain integrated tracking system and we adopt analytic tools like Google Analytics which is an advanced way to understand benefits of campaigning. Our solutions will allow optimizing ads at keyword level.
Our Proven Approach
  Performance of your business is our Lookout! Push your Business to a higher position  
  Our PPC is developed keeping in mind to drive more traffic for website. With relevant visitors it is possible to convert them to potential business leads. With proper assistance of development team it is possible to develop custom landing pages that are created especially for PPC.  
  Initial PPC campaign setup  
Analyzing competitors’ campaign in order to have proper insight on market strategies
Installing tracking codes on website
Write fresh and attractive ad copy with multiple variations
  PPC Maintenance  
Add proper and fresh keywords and edit ad copies with time
Report performance to clients while maintaining transparency on cost and result
Optimize bids while ensuring top quality ad copies for better placement and looking for enhanced conversion rates
  The qualified team has obtained extensive years of experience and helps to transform your struggling business into success. With enhanced marketing techniques, it is possible to improve brand presence. Create competitive advantage for our clients.  
Expected Results
  Creating Online Brand Awareness attracts more Customers, Get the Top quality service from us  
  Nowlix offers you with different services and our campaign will consist:  
We monitor and report on key phrase performance
Bid management
Compiling ad copy
Help to construct landing pages along with conversion rate
Analyzing business to identify online ads outcome
  If you want to display advertisements and create a platform to reach more customers, then our enhanced marketing strategies will help you fulfil business goal. With this strategy it is possible to place ads directly before people who are actually searching for products and services.  
  How we monitor campaign success?  
  Our team will focus on monitoring and testing of campaign. The team of professionals will track performance of ads that are published online and offer you with post click analysis that can determine advertising amount while generating more Return on Investment.

Identifying key phrases are one of the crucial stages that are performed by our qualified team. We set account and do proper research before coming up with popular phrases. The beauty of this campaign lies on selected key phrases!
Key Features
  Why PPC has become so popular?  
Financial Planning: It is possible to gain online visibility and create brand presence within budget. The campaign will work fine and the program will depend on regular revenues.
Campaign Flexibility: It can accentuate brand name. It is possible to introduce new advertisement component with ease. This can improve search engine ranking while making necessary updated on website.
Targeted Campaign: Our professionals will focus on developing a well planned campaign. There is a complete control on choice of keywords which can ensure to reach target audience and they will surely come to your website.
Instant Result: This campaigning can surely give you improved results while generating profits for your business within short period of time.