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Education is a sector in which exciting opportunities abound to develop interesting information and communication related material using latest web design and development tools. Schools and colleges can benefit by introducing attractive and smartly packaged educational material targeting students. Nowlix Web Solution offers a host of services directly addressing the needs of schools, colleges and other educational institutions. Some of our services include:

  • Intranet and databases for large-scale data archiving in educational institutes
  • Website Design, Brochures, Digital library creation and promotional material
  • To help learners Edutainment videos, rich graphical interfaces and animation for learning, Value-added graphics, info-graphical material and Educational games etc.
  • Apps for handheld devices that can be used by students and teachers both for learning purpose
School & College
Major Benefits Of Having A Website For School & College

In today’s digital world, sharing information is very easy. Different websites are platforms where people can share information to improve management, save time and money. Whether its business or education every sector is getting benefited from websites. Schools and colleges can use their website platform to communicate and build strong relationship efficiently. If you are pondering to launch a website for your organization, then you can contact us, as we are one of the prominent names in web designing and internet marketing industry. We have years of experience in building websites for School & College administrations.

There are many reasons of having a website for your School & College. Major reasons are mentioned below:

  • Increased awareness
  • Save money
  • Save time
  • Build good relationships
  • Positive image of school
  • Fast and accurate instruction
  • Engage parents
  • Increase learner accountability
Increased Awareness:

The internet is the platform where we share information for others. Because of the internet, communication is fast and improved. If you have a user friendly website from us, you can post information for students as well as for parents. Parents will be more aware of the School & College functions as they will get involved, and can manage their kids better.

Teachers can easily share their ideas with other teachers, improving communication and knowledge. A feedback is very vital for any kind of organization. Parents can easily post their valuable feedback on the official website. However a website should be user-friendly and simple so that general people can easily use it for their benefit. We make excellent user-friendly websites for our clients that serve the purpose. Our expert members of the team are proficient enough to build a perfect and an unmatched website for schools. The services we provide:


  • Websites Designing
  • Local and Organic SEO services
  • Social Medial Services
  • Pay Per Click or PPC
  • Mobile App Development
  • Multimedia Videos
  • Web Development Services
  • Reputation management

Saves Money And Time:


By posting information such as results, notices and others on the School & College websites, you will save lots of papers. If you save paper, that means you are saving money and the environment too. Updating a website can be done easily and doesn’t require the prowess of experts. By posting information online, you will save money and also help others to save money. Students can easily browse your website from home and gather necessary information. They don’t have to drive to the school to gather then information every day if they don’t want to. By staying at home and collecting information through websites, students can save themselves time to prepare for their tests properly. In addition to website building, search engine optimization service is also provided by us.


Build Good Relationship:


Keeping parents involved in different School & College activities is an excellent idea to improve your institution's status. Through the website, parents can raise their feedbacks that will be very valuable for your institution to improve the service. Resolving the parents' issue will help you to build a strong relationship, which will help indirectly students in their studies. Not all parents are computer friendly and feedback of all is vital. Hence, building a website is not enough, we will make sure that you have a simple and easy navigation structure in website so that people who are not tech friendly can also gather information without any hassle.

We build user friendly websites for business, personal use and for educational institutions also. Features of website made by us are given below.

  • Anyone can operate the website
  • Impressive and professional appearance
  • Optimized for search engines
  • Proper functionality
  • Quality and fresh content
  • Fast opening site
  • Easy navigation

Fast And Accurate Instructions:

  Today everything is fast and even education. There are many online schools that use websites to communicate with their students. Having a user-friendly website will help you to communicate with the student properly and quickly. Information shared on the website can be spread rapidly amongst students. Teachers can easily instruct students through website to save time and energy. We make top quality websites for School & College so that students and teachers can help each other to enhance their performance.

Increase learner Accountability:

There are different modern day tools that can be included in website to increase learner accountability. All tools will be available for them 24X7, so that they can access anytime they want.

A Positive Image Of The School:

Another reason to have a website for the School & College is that it improves the image of the school. School administrators can easily advertise their school in the community to get more students. A school is full with students is what every management looks for. We build websites that are more informative, to the purpose, promote learning and make information sharing easy.

  • Improve school’s image
  • More student
  • More recourses
  • More growth

So, if your school doesn’t have a website, make sure that you have one. You can hire a reputed website building company like us to build a website for School & College. We will listen to your requirements and build a website according to the needs. A well build and user-friendly website for institution will ease your tasks of communication with students and parents properly. It will help you to save time and organize things well without much effort.

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