Travel & Leisure

If you are interested to promote your travel agency and to make more clients you should consider Nowlix web Solution. We have experienced in travel online marketing so you will be in good hands. If you want to promote the next flight, or the next trip around the world, don't hesitate, we are here to help you. Apart from the SEO service, our web development team also understands the specific requirements of travel agencies and we are detail oriented.

In travel and leisure section, we take the pleasure of offering lists of services:

  • Multiple transaction and tracking systems
  • Reservation system
  • Transportation management
  • Travel portal
  • Easy to use admin panel
Travel & Leisure
Effective Earning Through The World Of Travel & Leisure

The expansion of your business with Travel & Leisure demands powerful business strategies as well as marketing policies. Both are provided by our company. As the name suggests we provide you with various solution programs only to enhance your business prospects in the field of travel and business. Our website is run by the experienced personnel who are always ready to serve you in your online promotional requirements. Having access to more than 100 domains on the web, we ensure the successful promotion of your deals and offerings. Our web marketing experts are able to give you the kind of promotional service you are in need of.

The Services We Offer

We are giving you the following major services in the field of Travel & Leisure:-

  • Custom Booking Engine – Make your business impressive by providing travel and tourism reservation facilities to your customers through the web.
  • Destination Marketing – Present your offered destinations with the aim so that your customers feel free to come back to you and get yourself recommended as well.
  • Booking engine strategy – This is for working out your special deals successfully. We can give you innovative ideas on how to structure your strategies of your promotion according to your special deals.
  • Social media campaigns – It is quite natural that you would in any case want to spread your business. We can spread the words for your business in various social networking sites with the kind of succession you will be able to follow easily.

To run a business with success, the technical approach in promotion cannot be avoided. It is the same in the case of Travel & Leisure. Our web experts can facilitate you with SEO, SMO and ORM advantage as well as the promotion of your offerings with convincing and secured internet URLs. Before we actually start helping you out with the strategies, we will be carrying out a quick and free analysis for the website that you are running. This will help us in understanding how exactly you are to approach and what arrangements you have regarding the same.

Our Specialties

Our company also provides you with the other services such as:-

  • Website Designing – Business is primarily about how you present yourself to your customers. Therefore, modifications may be required to process in your website, in order to give it a more attractive look in front of your customers.
  • Online Video Marketing – We are highly experienced in providing you with online video marketing for hospitality.
  • Pay Per Click – If you are into the field of Travel & Leisure for quite some time, you must be aware of the fruitfulness of the pay per click concept for online marketing and we are here to provide you with just the same.

What Makes Us Different

When you are really concerned about how you can be benefitted by our company in your Travel & Leisure business aspects, these are the features that make us claim for what we really are:-

  • Our team is filled with the professionals.
  • who are experienced in the industries of travel and tourism as well as web marketing and SEO.
  • We have access to the corporate websites for providing you with the custom booking solutions.
  • Well trained web designing team and the professional project managers are always at their best to provide you with the kind of assistance you need.
  • Maintaining time and giving you accurate results are our goals and we are always progressing accordingly to achieve them.
  • We provide website analysis as well as consultation for absolutely free of cost.

Accommodation Arrangements

Travel & Leisure is the kind of business where you need to provide your customers with perfect accommodation arrangements. Our company ensures that you perfectly realize the fact regarding the reliability of your customers and their expectations. Proper market researching about the accommodation arrangements in the destinations of your offerings can give you the opportunity to earn the trust of your customers. It all comes down to where your customers want to spend their leisure time with family and friends. It is important that their money and time spent on you are worth. We provide you with the ultimate solutions for processing these criteria rightfully.

Controlling Budgets

Travel & Leisure aspects have a high demand for controlling budgets. People want reliable and qualitative service these days but for low rates. It is the same whether you are a customer or the service provider. We at Nowlix Intelligence Web Solutions are providing you with the money management facilities as well.


In order to achieve the same consistency, a good support and backup is needed in terms of strategies and marketing policies. Nowlix Web Solution Intelligence Web Solutions is just what you need in the concerned matter. We make sure that you experience exclusive marketing promotions of your offerings, and as a result, your business expands generating more profit. We also take care of your presentation aspects, money management attributes, and overall, successful running of your business. Your time spent with our company will surely prove to be worthwhile.


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