Refund & Cancellation Policy
  Satisfying clients is the prime motto of Nowlix web Solution. Dissatisfaction of clients is treated with urgent effect.

Services committed by Nowlix are always served at the earliest. If there arises some situations where Nowlix has failed to keep up with their commitment in regard to the services, the client can claim refund. In such cases, the client needs to contact the concerned department, for processing of refunds.

Care is taken so that the projects are delivered before time, but there can be situations where the expected delivery time may change depending upon the committed service or work. Such projects are not entitled to get refund.

Payments for specially designed projects are made to us in additions as a kindness to the customer. When an installment or store is made, it is non-refundable. Provided that a venture is drop or delayed, all monies paid are held by Nowlix Web Solution and if pertinent, a charge for all work finished past what was now paid for ought to be paid by the customer.

Our Refund & Cancellation Policy
  On site and database outline, you won't be charged until you sanction the introductory plan. There are no refunds/discounts once the outline has been acknowledged and we have started work.

We don't discount/refund incomplete months on any repeating month-to-month services. Assuming that you paid for a month and cross out the service after the month has started, we will not refund for the month.

There are no refunds on any finished work. Work in advancement may be cancelled; however installment will be expected for work completed around then. In the event that your service is ended because of violation of any of our arrangements a refund won't be issued.