About Company  
Communication: The industry is getting more and more complicated everyday and therefore we take the initiative of explaining everything that makes sense to customers.
Dependability: With years of experience, we seasoned up with professionals. We stand out of the crowd because of our dedication and always send our customers email or make call while the customers are in need of us.
Our commitment and passion help us achieve the trust of our clients and also can successfully reach the business objective.
In this competitive market, we offer some of the amazing services to customers that range from:
Web designing
Web development
Website redesigning
Web hosting
Ecommerce solution
CMS web design
Search engine optimization
Social media marketing
Online reputation management
Pay per click advertising
Video production and marketing
Web promotion, and many more
In a nutshell, we give opportunities to companies and organizations to achieve success on the Web.

Nowlix Web Solution has started its operation in the year of 2011. Though, it is not a very long time we have been in the market, but still have created a remarkable impression in the mind of customers through innovative solutions. We are having our office headquarter in Bangalore, Mumbai, India. Nowlix also has a virtual office in USA and serving customers all over the world.

Presently, we are running our company with more than 100 professionals who have earned their expertise in different field of web designing, Developers Graphic designers, project managers, SEO experts, system admin are some of the professionals with whom we are working with. They have the efficiency to deliver the best work to customers. Our industry professionals consist of MBAs, system operations, programmers and other specialists representing different business backgrounds.

Timely delivery: We are able to deliver the projects in time. We meet the deadline and ensure that our clients get timely delivery.
Guaranteed service: Nowlix can help you get the 100% satisfaction service while matching up with the requirements of the clients.
Quality assured: We also ensure that you enjoy the positive result. Our application is robust and the team follows the coding standards and code is reviewed during the process.
Nowlix Web Solution creates a good impact on the mind of customers by representing the best talent in the market. The visually exciting design can only be achieved through us. We are different from others as user-friendly and appealing website can be designed through our professionals.
We are the one stop shop that offers logo design, website design, advertising, branding, hosting, consulting and development services. This proves our versatility and level of expertise.

Success! It is the only one word that lingers in the mind of Nowlix. We adopt every measure through which our customers can enjoy success and earn maximum profits through their business. Success is guaranteed to all our customers as this ultimately help us to develop a healthy and long term relationship.

We have achieved success within a short span of time and this is just because we believe in the philosophy of developing clean, yet powerful website. Listening to customers and keeping in mind their unique needs and certainly help us turn ideas into reality.

Our service will entirely depend on your needs and our team will give emphasis on the business objectives so that customers can smoothly reach their target within stipulated period. Our project manager is responsible for assigning the proper team who are capable of developing customized solution for you. High level of commitment and dedication is bestowed by our team to complete the project within timeframe.

Once we have your project, our main goal becomes to transform your business world and give you the taste of success. This change is only possible through proper implementation of latest techniques and adopting innovative solutions that are prevalent in the current market. Our strategies change from time to time depending on the market needs and demand.

  Web Design  

Nowlix make plans and schedule the time for every project. These schedules will help us deliver your projects while taking care of logo, images and text. We take maximum four weeks to complete any project and maintain high level of quality. Irrespective of complexities involved in any project we are capable of delivering in quick response time.

Firstly, you need to select our plans that fit best. There are different design packages available and you can choose from basic informational website to full featured Ecommerce site. Once the package is selected, the next step is to sign up and get connected with our design team who will be at your service and help to establish your web presence.

In most of the cases face-to-face meeting is not necessary. As we deal with international clients it becomes impossible on the part of customers to have physical meeting. Therefore, we take the help of online communication system to interact and discuss plans and ideas. Email, telephone, Skype and other messengers turn out to be the best tool for communication.

Having a website is certainly a great way to ensure success to your business. It is the best way through which you can stay in constant touch with end consumers. The target audience will be able to access all kind of information and also there is the possibility of promoting sales 24/7. It is the convenient mean to attract your target market and gain profit.

Nowlix takes every initiative to make the website user-friendly. Our team of designers focuses on simple design so that it can easily get loaded and audience does not loss their patience. Information can be accessed with ease while ensuring that the website have a search button. Finding for the necessary information can be tiring task for audience. Apart from this, content is also given priority.

Yes! Every website that we design is search engine friendly. The only focus of our designers is to give online visibility to our clients and it is only possible that the site gets easily indexed in leading search engines. We build website from the scratch by adopting the most efficient technique so that you can acquire the best position in search engines.

No, there is no hidden cost involved in our web designing. You pay the amount that is mentioned in the package and no extra charge is involved. But, if you are looking for some extra features that are not involved in the chosen package then you will have to pay for the service. But, do not worry, we charge you the most affordable rate that you have ever imagined of!

If you are having a CMS website, then you can easily update your website through control panel. You do not have to rely on us. You can keep the information updated and fresh so that more and more visitors come to your site and you can gain popularity. But, in case you plan to develop any other website, you can certainly take our assistance to update information. We are always at your service!

  Internet Marketing  

Nowlix has been running the Internet marketing department for a long time and create brand with ease. We can easily generate high quality traffic by following 360 degree approach which can ensure that every website has its maximum potential. Our content writers, PPC experts and SEO give maximum exposure to your site and even in this competitive environment you can attain online success.

There are different advantages that you can expect to enjoy through Internet marketing and especially from Nowlix:
Online branding
Web promotion
Generating more revenues
Targeting the potential customers

Though internet marketing does not involve any risk, but it will all depend on the service provider. There are many SEO service providers who adopt unethical means known as black hat to give instant positive result, but it can turn out to be dangerous in later phase. But, we focus on the ethical approach so that your website continuously enjoys the first position for a long time.

When you avail Internet Marketing service from Nowlix, you do not have to worry about spending large sum of money. There are different SEO packages available from which you can make your choice. Our affordable packages give the flexibility to enjoy the service and also gain positive result from our SEO team.

SEO is a long term process. If you insist on getting the top ranking in search engines and then want to leave the SEO service, then you can do so, but the ranking will then be for a specific period of time. To maintain the position there are different techniques that are implemented by our team of professionals.

Having years of experience, we would recommend our clients to adopt unified solutions that can ensure top notch results. Both SEO and PPC are designed to give you added revenues and so we prefer to make use of both tools to generate maximum traffic to the site. Our main focus is to give maximum exposure to our clients.

We give you a clear idea of the SEO services plan and set the milestone to achieve the keyword ranking. Nowlix guarantees you to follow the white hat methods and also follow different guidelines for ranking. Google in their official Blog has warned the users to stay from SEO companies who guarantee ranking. Therefore, we do not guarantee ranking, but we do guarantee customer satisfaction.

This will depend on the competitiveness of keywords. The higher the competition the more time will be consumed in framing compared to non-competitive keyword. Our SEO campaign will surely increase the ranking within few weeks and it will last for longer period of time.

Nowlix can surely help you in this regard. There is no reason to think that once the website is penalized there is no hope and start of a new website. We know the techniques and adopt tools through which our SEO team can bring back the lost position of the website. It is possible to recover the position and there is no need of losing hope in your site.

Our methods are tested and they are the safest means which can ensure performance. There are things that need to be given immense important like the great anchor diversity and links obtained from relevant domains. Implementing these techniques can help to enjoy safe link building.

Protecting the name of your brand online is in need of regular attention. There are some parts of the process that can be automated and based on human interaction which can help to obtain best results. In order to push the negative comments from the first page of Google can take a time of 7-30 days or even more depending on situation.

Though it is not 100% possible, but we can try hard to remove all the negative comments found online. There are cases when we request the webmaster to remove negative information, but it does not appear to be possible every time. Most of the time, we adopt SEO techniques to push the negative reviews down while improving the position of positive reviews about your business.

SMO definitely has a positive impact on website ranking and it can play a vital role in boosting up ranking by acquiring high quality links. Links are natural and organic and so search engines have a strong inclination towards it.

Social media optimization is a part of SEO. You will find that SEO can help to market the site through search engines while SMO will help to strengthen the brand image all over the social media platforms available on the internet.

With our Pay for Performance, we have helped our clients to gain huge revenue through their business. Our SEO plans include:
Complete study of business is done by our SEO experts and the potential target audience is identified.
We learn about the stiff competition and gain information regarding your competitors.
Implement high end SEO strategy while keeping in mind the new trends.
Monitor the progress and keep you updated.

We have the ability to work on your organic SEO as well as local maps ranking. In some of the cases you might find your company being listed on both places as we show interest in working on local as well as global places.

Two reasons behind the need of conversion optimization service:
More leads can convert into sales which mean increase in business revenue.
When conversion rate is increased, you can spend less money on advertising.
You can expect guaranteed results from CRO service
Guaranteed ROI
Consistent increase in conversion rates
Design conversion optimization plan

Pay per Click has become the quickest way of gaining potential customers to website. A well written PPC can bring customer to exact page of query. It can easily increase chance of potential sale.

Nowlix comes up with the most amazing content writing services for web as well as for offline marketing collaterals. We have the ability to create e-learning materials and also offer technical writing services. Our main aim is to offer you with content writing services that can leave our clients contented.

Though, it is not possible to remove all the reviews made online, but with our online reputation management service we can deal with negative reviews and can push down their ranking. It is possible to replace negative comments with the positive content so that users can easily find them on 1st page of search engines.

  Apps Development  

Our application development team will keep you connected with your end customers through mobile phones or PDA. We make use of the latest technologies and follow modern trends to create the customized design and build up the customer friendly application. The easy to use applications can certainly help you yield fast result.

The cost of every development project will depend on the type of app you prefer to have for your business. As an application developer it is important for us to keep in mind that every app comes up with calculated risk. Therefore, we take every initiative through which we can give true value to your investment.

The timeline of the application development will vary from app to app and it depends on the size as well as complexity of project. We follow a dynamic development process and our app developer will always take a longer timeline than what is estimated with the idea of offering you the best service.

There are certain steps that we follow while submitting your application to Apple iTunes Store:
Creating the distribution certificate
Create store distribution profile
Validate your application
Submit the application while using Xcode and Application Loader
We create application that can support different operating system.

Once the application is developed by us, we do not take away all our support from you. Clients can easily receive maintenance for their application and make the necessary updates from time to time which keep the application active and match the present market demand. Our maintenance service helps to fix the bugs that arise through our skilled developers.

Don’t worry! Even if you are a start-up and looking for ways to flourish, we are at your help! Our application developers will come up with the most affordable solution for you so that you can get connected with your target customers. You do not have to invest huge amount of money to get your desired application. Just invest little and get unmatched application!

Once the application is developed and project is submitted to the desired clients, we also hand over the code sources to clients and offer the scope of rights associated with project. This ensures that you have complete authority on the application. Nowlix is happy to offer the complete solution to customers.

There are different ways followed in order to achieve the business goal. The development process may vary depending on the business needs. But, still there is a particular development process that we adopt:

Planning the application
Create application project
Designing user interface
Debugging application
Publishing the application
You do not have to do anything once you provide us with the requirements.

Application development has become the most important service in present world. Surely, it can be of great help as you can stay connected with your audience and at the same time can even improvise the customer service. Our team will create a great business opportunity for you so that profits can be increased and sales can get enhanced.

Yes, your application can be protected and we take the measures through which you can easily safeguard your application. We follow the copyright act in order to ensure that your application is unique and it is not being used by any other people. Our application follows the necessary steps to make it highly innovative and also ensure the privacy.