Brochure Design
Today, everything is online and so do the brochure. Designing brochure is a difficult task, but Nowlix can do it with ease and we have the team of experts who are ready to handle challenges and come up with excellent ideas. Brochure has turned out to be a powerful and effective marketing tool and it enables you to share your business message to customers. It has been an effective source of attracting your target audience and creating an impression. Nowlix comes up with the list of brochure design services:

  • Tri fold brochure
  • Mini-Quad fold brochure
  • Bi-fold brochure
  • Jumbo tri-bold brochure

We keep an eye on the latest design trends so that we can easily create a remarkable brochure which can speak about your company.

Brochure Design

Creative Source

  Express your message and enhance your business through Brochures  

Brochure acts as a vital marketing tool, with just small advertisement it covers all aspects of your business, it is also helpful in highlighting the advantages of using products/services and provides the reader with a brief yet comprehensive glance into your business objective. They are not just used to let customers know about your company, but also used as to stress the fact that you are matchless in your field.

Brochure acts as an imperative part of your corporate identity design and hence deserve maximum attention. Nowlix Web Solution strives hard to design a brochure that can serve this purpose flawlessly. Brochures always stand forefront in any marketing campaigns it's main functionality is to emphasize on what you offer your clients. With Nowlix Web Solution, you can be sure to find solutions that cater to your corporate requirements by implementing creative ideas to inspirational designs. Brochures that designed by us are not just intended to look good but exciting.

Nowlix Web Solution can be one stop source, for all your brochure design needs. Here, one can discover the solutions on all types of brochure design that you are looking for.

Chosen Design
  Brochure can speak in detail about your products and services  
  Our experienced and skilful team make certain that brochure that we design can specifically convene the message that you wish to showcase. Our experienced graphic designers can provide excellent brochure design services for your business needs.

Our designers can emerge your business to the next level we offer exceptional branding solutions from our brochure design experts. There are lots of capabilities for brochures designed by Nowlix Web Solutions it attracts the users, engages the users in addition, communicate with user effectively. Our designers can customize the design in accordance to your preference. Especially we analyze every aspect of target design and purpose before commencing the Brochure design.

We provide timely services to our esteemed customers and assure with positive results. We team always discusses with our clients before finalizing any brochure design. Our professional brochure design company include experienced team of designing professionals to help clients compete with others. A brochure can be designed to deliver the message of the organization to it's targeted audience. It just makes use of simple fonts, images and symbols to represent the sole objective of the brochure design.

Get Organized

Brochures not just speak about services but also add life to your business.


Nowlix Web Solution always organizes it better by extracting creative ideas from various sources, synchronizing multiple, contrasting facts and effective implementation through exclusive brochure design services. Our exclusive designers equip with modern technologies to build pleasing and attractive brochures. We are specialized in designing brochures that can be categorized in accordance to their intended use. Keeping in mind of your targeted audience, purpose, theme we can develop appealing and potential brochure design services. Our designers specialized in customizing the design in accordance to your preference.

Attractive brochure design will be memorable and leave long lasting impression on audience. Brochures are the best way to introduce your new business into the market. This also makes people aware about new products and services. Nowlix Web Solution can design brochure to suit any budget and not necessarily expensive. Well designed brochure represents that business established and is reliable. When compared to any other design brochure design has to be organized effectively by understanding the customers preference with content and pictures.

Key Features

Nowlix Web Solutions has dealt with numerous organizations and businesses.  Hence we recognize the preferences of present customers effectively.  Good brochure design can be powerful advertising tools that help enhance your business perspective. Besides, it is very essential for any brochure to incorporate some features and capabilities. This is possible only if it is designed effectively to attract visitors at instance, our designers are very creative at implementing these techniques to design attractive and pleasing brochures. There are lots of benefits of brochure design services some of which are listed below.


Improve market visibility
  • On time referrals
  • Adaptable and Flexible
  • Adds Credibility and Reinforce advertising
Expected Results

Designing a brochure needs a bit more concentration and creative ideas in order to implement additional features that can take you on top of competitors. Our experience also lies at two fold brochure, tri fold brochure design and leaflet design to help you acquire best out of brochure design.


Some of the expected results of Brochure design include

  • Analyzing the design feature in accordance to customer
  • Promoting business by highlighting the services
  • Simple yet appealing design with content
  • minute detail in a compact manner can be added
  • Brochures can be designed for any Purpose
  • Highly customizable
Increase in Credibility