CMS Website Design

What do we know about CMS? It actually means "Content Management System". To explain it more simply, it signifies that you create your website on CMS platform which gives you the flexibility to manage and update your own website and you do not have to rely on any professionals.  You can change whatever you need on your web page, create new content, edit text, add pictures etc.

We think that when a company can easily update content of their website then the website tends to:

  • Offer value for money over lifetime
  • Can be more popular and successful
  • Content that can be well structured which appears to be beneficial for visitors
  • Offer accurate and up-to-date service

CMS Website Design
  CMS! What It Does?  

It Is Easy To Manage With CMS Website


Content management System makes it easy for non technical users to manage and expand their website. CMS makes effective utilization of software and database to manage and systematize website content. In general, it allows you to control and handle the content within your site. In addition using this system it is possible to add, delete and edit text in your website.

Nowlix Web Solutions can design and develop the website that one looking for. Besides a static website, a Content Management System website is database driven dynamic website. The information can be stored in a database and can be fetched in real time when any user looks for information. On the other hand, it is extremely easy to update a CMS website from website Dashboard. It is password protected and can only be accessed by authorised users. Many businesses and organizations finds it easy to manage with CMS website.

The very significant aspects of CMS are an easy storage and revival of data. In addition, this system allows a large number of authorised users to contribute, store and share data.

Dynamic Yet Simple

One vital aspect of CMS is that website is dynamic yet extremely easy to manage the content of the website. Website content includes pictures, videos or any form of information. Each CMS has it's unique features and preference for customizing website depending upon what the user needs for their site.

CMS website can be made very dynamic and attractive by Nowlix Web Solution, recognized to be leading designer and developer. Any content in the form of pictures, videos etc can be added to your website with no technical skill. CMS is an effective website development strategy that allows website owners to acquire complete control of the site once developed.

It is very significant feature of CMS website where you can experience the simplicity in managing the content, and dynamic in appearance. Customized Dynamic CMS will serve your clients in a better way. You can obtain this benefit by acquiring services from our designers and developers who are with in depth knowledge about these features and capabilities.



There are numerous Open Source CMS applications Nowlix Web Solutions experienced at utilizing these resources to build customized CMS website. All though managing Content Management System is an easy task it is extremely difficult to build CMS websites that can be customized for your requirements. This is something that all visitors and customers would be looking at, before acquiring services or products. Since it is well known fact experienced service providers can always excel to do better than expected.


Some Of The Open Source CMS Applications That We Are Expertise On:

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Mambo

Our Expertise On CMS Based Website Enhancements

Our experienced developers and designers can configure your website to achieve and perform functions. In addition,  our designers and developers experienced to enhance your website to adopt the use of CMS for the following.

  • Even Management and Hotel Bookings
  • RSS Feeds
  • Newsletter
  • Property sales
  • Document management
  • Paid Directory and Listings

Our experience in the industry working with Small enterprise to large enterprise has given us extensive understanding and familiarity, to meet the needs of different customers with unique solutions.

Key Features

CMS website is very easy to handle no technical knowledge is essential to operate CMS once it is built. You can create a new page or post by the click of a button. You can add, edit and modify content, images, and any form of multimedia which makes it easy have control on your website.

Let’s see some of the key features of CMS

  • Easy to Operate
  • Easy availability of plugins and widgets
  • Easy to use interface
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Easy Management of files and multimedia
  • Flexible due to its template system
  • Group Access System/Access to Multiple users
  • No programming knowledge required

A Content Management System allows the user to configure the site in several ways. 

Expected Results

Results That You Expect Can From CMS Website Design

  • Enhance opportunities: CMS website enhance better opportunities in many ways by changing different forms of content in accordance to the circumstances.
  • Instant changes can be made: Any change that you wish to make for your website can be instantaneously made by authorised user.
  • CMS website can help business to generate more traffic and ROI for a business.
  • CMS web design also helps in smooth management of a site.
  • CMS website is highly secure and protects sites content.
  • It is Highly Flexible that is content can be chances in accordance to the visitors or changing business
  • Easy to update detailed picture of business