E-Commerce Web Design

First impression is what always matters when you are opting for website design. Your website will reflect your brand and this is the only way that influences your social network. Nowlix Web Solution has become quite popular in the field of offering Ecommerce website design to clients that helps you reach online shopper within multiple channels. Our Certified designers can enable you create a strong image for business and offers a great shopping experience.

Benefits gained through our eCommerce web design:

  • You can increase conversion rates
  • We focus on integrating your website with social media in order to help your users get engage with you online
  • Our solutions are designed to fit your budget
  • Our ecommerce CMS offers you with complete control


E-Commerce Web Design
Enhance E-Business

E-Commerce Is The Best Partner To Start Your Ebusiness


Continually evolving and shaping trends in web design technology changed the way in which we conduct business. Ecommerce in simple term is best known at buying and selling either products or services through the internet. Nowlix Web Solution experts design and develop ecommerce website for existing or new business irrespective of the fact whether it is large or small.

You can generate revenue by presenting your products or service online. Ecommerce websites can promote your products and services in an extraordinary manner to wider horizon.

Ecommerce website can reach out to millions of people looking for your products and services online. Having an ecommerce website can lead your sales and generate tangible profits for your company. Any buying selling business can take place at ease by ecommerce website. Ecommerce websites accompany your business to a greater extent since it makes it easy for your products and services to reach wider customers horizon at less time.
Why Nowlix?

Nowlix makes it easy to build and run your ecommerce website


Nowlix Web Solution is an experienced ecommerce website design company delivering extensive quality website design features for growing business, making your company market your products and services extensively through ecommerce websites. Our expert team highly committed towards designing and developing custom websites that efficiently market your business to the next level.

Important aspects of ecommerce website that should be considered are functionality, features and design. The ecommerce websites that we design are easy to use, to manage, and provide effective control over maintaining your ecommerce website. We are specialized in customizing with unique features that meet your future growth requirements.

What It Does?

Not just a website but a web business

Ecommerce web design lets enhance your nationwide business for buying and selling your products and services. Our experienced designers and developers develop websites with custom features that will best suit your business.

Ecommerce websites can becustomized to attract and influence visitors to buy the products and services. Website designers and developers from us consider the requirements of the prospective buyers while developing effective ecommerce website designs. Designing ecommerce websites are different from regular websites the main intention of ecommerce websites is to attract the buyers through text and visuals. Best customized ecommerce website design can increase your trust among the customers.

Customers find it easy to visit your online store instead to visit your store, in addition, it is possible to run your business 24/7 through ecommerce websites. The customers can be made available with comprehensive data and information about your products to increase trust and make online business at ease.

Key Features

How about business online?

The latest technology has made it easy for people to explore the internet for their daily needs. For this reason,  ecommerce website are effective at reaching millions of customers worldwide who are looking for products and services that you sell. The latest technological improvements have made it easy for the designers to develop effective and attractive ecommerce websites that can potentially attract customers. Ecommerce websites can help you to generate additional revenue for your business and ultimately increase your profit.

Key features ecommerce website design

  • Makes it easy to sell your products and services from anywhere anytime
  • Saves your time and money
  • Highest Standard online security
  • Support for PayPal IPN
  • Support for offline payments
  • Support for custom payment gateways through user exits
  • Easy manageable Products, categories, shipping location, orders etc.
  • Permits you to authorize and collect credit card payments from your order management screen
  • Easy to add products of multiple categories

Expected Results

Ecommerce not just benefits consumers

Of course, Ecommerce can also benefit your business organizations especially in terms of cost reduction and helps you to reach a global market. When your products showcased on your website, it provides reaches numerous visitors on the web.

Expected results of Ecommerce website for your business

  • It reduces costs for inventory management: Inventory management can be automated using web based management systems
  • It can make you reach global market: It expand your marketplace from local and regional markets to national and international markets.
  • Helps at monitoring: This can permit monitoring ongoing interest and buying habits of customers, by building relationship with customer to customize products and services to meet the customers needs.
  • Reduces investment and Labour cost: Ecommerce website makes it easier for you to reach targeted customers by automating the whole process through websites hence it can reduce your investment and labour cost.
  • Advertising at less cost: It is faster and cost effective to market ecommerce websites through ecommerce marketing campaigns.
  • Low maintenance: time spent in maintaining ecommerce business is less, no cash handling or no daily accounting is essential.