Mobile Website Design

Our mobile website designing starts with proper and effective strategy. We take the pride of understanding the behavior of the audience and also determine the specific information that needs to be visible in mobile version of the website. Our tailor made design will certainly fulfill your specific needs. Our Mobile website designs come with special features:

  • Brand integration
  • Mobile friendly design that are navigation friendly
  • Social media integration
  • Mapping and geo-location
  • Mobile specific features like click-to-call and SMS
  • Mobile search engine optimization

Your mobile web design presents the content and brand uniquely for smaller screen and differ user intent of smartphone.


Mobile Website Design
Mobilize Your Site
  Mobilize Your Website To Mobilize Your Business  

What Is A Mobile Website?


Important characteristic of a mobile website is the fact that, it can be exclusively designed for smaller handheld display and touch screen interface, when compared to others. On the other hand,  it is similar to any other website consisting of browser based HTML pages that should be linked and accessed through the internet. A mobile website will establish broad presence that can be easily shared among users and found on search engines. In addition,  mobile websites are accessible and compatible to handheld devices.


Why Do You Need A Mobile Website?


Your website has to be optimized in accordance to the screen size of various handheld devices. Some changes for your website design can turn it to mobile compatible websites. Big websites cannot be accessed by mobile some of the features has to be eliminated and has to be restructured to make it compatible for mobiles.

Mobile users are interested at easy browsing and instant access only mobile compatible websites can fulfil these criteria.  Mobile website development will enhance the website for enabling easy browsing on all types of handheld devices. Recognizing the power of mobile marketing is highly significant for survival of your business.

How Its Different?

Sketching Mobile Web Is Different


It is extremely difficult to navigate websites through mobile devices. In addition,  it develops bad user experience to mobile visitors. Besides, compatible mobile websites for your business can deliver the best user experience. Mobile websites needs to be optimized to match up with the growing trends in the mobile world. Nowlix Web Solutions offers high quality mobile website development service that makes users experience the best. It attracts immense visitors and offers better viewing and navigating experience like never before.


 Mobile websites that developed by us can be better viewed on all leading mobile platforms like

  • Apple iPhone
  • Blackberry
  • Google Android
  • Windows and much more

Usually everyone would look forward at developing a mobile site for either designing brand new website or redesigning existing website as compatible for mobiles. Each of this circumstance brings you unique sets of requirements. Our expert developers can help you on both of these requirements. There are lots of aspects that should be considered before designing and developing mobile compatible websites.

What We Do?

We Make Your Websites Ready For Mobile

The first step towards developing successful mobile website is to know visitors of your site. Main focus is to make it quick and easy to access. Nowlix Web Solution can also design and develop a website that can also be made compatible for normal computers and handheld devices. Mobile websites that we design can explore the possibilities of any business, since it is customized as per the features and capabilities of handheld devices. It is essential that you customize your online business to changing trends. It is possible only by customizing your websites to the quick and adaptable mobile platforms.


  • We make use of CSS for layout that enhances compatibility
  • We build websites that are compatible for different mobile devices with the different screen sizes
  • We make it easily accessible for visitors to navigate through too page
  • Website can be developed keeping load time in mind.
  • Either XML or XHTML can be used for coding to make it easier and better for visitors.
  • We also help redirecting users to a mobile version of site
  • Our developers help adapting a web design to support mobile devices
Key Features

Understanding Mobile Website Development


Knowing the power of mobile will drastically impact on your profitability. Strong positive impression is essential to establish a relationship. Users always prefer trust and integrity from service providers before hiring. Same principle holds good to brands and their products.  It is essential to consider designing a mobile compatible websites if it adds benefit to your business from any means. Mobile website plays a vital role in building long lasting relationship with end users and thus in supporting the trust that one expect to build. For all these to acquire some of the features play a vital role.

  • Custom Programming
  • Database integration
  • SEO for Mobile
  • Set up of webform
  • Development of mobile site map and location map
  • Addition of google analytics visitors tracking
  • Click to call function
  • Click to email function
  • Automatic resizing and adjustments
  • Design and building mobile pages
Expected Results

Results that you can acquire through mobile website development are:

  • Increase the web visitors to your website
  • Mobile websites can present your with professional outfit
  • Increases your brand identity
  • Increases the capabilities of your business
  • Customers find it easy to reach you
  • Offers quick accessibility through easy navigational pages