Portal Website Design
The web portal is specially designed web page at a web site that gathers information from different sources and uniforms them. The portal must be really attractive to draw attention of the public. Nowlix Web Solution has immense experience in web technologies that allows enterprise to develop web properties that can easily spawn brand objectives and business goals.

Benefits of Portal web design:

  • Gaining of new customers
  • Improving the inter-business interactions
  • Reduces the cost of business operations including training, communication and administration.
  • Increases employee productivity
  • Improve customer service

With the years of experience, the technology expertise help us come up with custom develop websites and overcome complexities of projects.
Portal Website Design
Portal For Business

Web portal can be used to collect information from different sources in an integrated manner. A web portal that can be properly managed and created enables to explore brand visibility across the globe. Nowlix Web Solution offers web portal development solutions that are unique and delivers diverse opportunities. Our experienced and powerful cutting edge web portal development services helps you explore and discover all the possibilities that your website can do.

A portal is just a website that is engaged to gather all details and facts for your business. Setting well defined strategy for a new website is a bit complicated than launching a web page. The first segment of business portal is to determine the audience that would deserve to serve. In addition, web portals provide access to different applications and facts available in the worldwide web. It also includes a wide range of functions and resources that can be accessible to end users. There are extensive benefits of using portals including integration of applications and contents of an enterprise at one central place. Besides, portals also enable easy maintenance of existing features of the site.

How It’s Different?

Portal development is a process that would help execute in transferring the data, and different communication strategies can be obtained. Portal development broadens the ability of the page to share more information and facts online. This can certainly improve the relationship and services of a certain company. With the help of portal development, a site may also help build an online community where users gets all things that is essential.

Nowlix Web Solutions offers all related services that can be associated with web portal development services. Our highly qualified team of developers analyzes the necessities of the customers and builds web portal strategy accordingly. The solutions that we offer are innovative and effective. We are experienced in developing portals for all categories. We offer user friendly and customized web portal solutions that are easy to navigate.

Some of the benefits of Acquiring services from Nowlix Web Solution are:

  • Built in with user friendly portal development features
  • Developed with scalable architecture
  • Our design increases efficiency and productivity
  • You can experience complete rights and ownership portal
What We Do?

The designing and implementation of secure web portals is a specific feature of Nowlix Web Solutions. website portal development can be magnificent with our developers. To know more about the benefits and simplicity of integration of a web portal for your business, acquire service from our well renowned portal development company. There are numerous benefits of designing and developing portal website. Some of the features of portal website include maintaining accurate client databases, increases your administration and financial efficiency. Nowlix Web Solution enables you to explore the advantages of database integration, e commerce gateway, embedded security and consultancy through a web portal development services.

A web portal or links page is website that operates as a specific access to information in the internet. It offers information’s through various sources in a systematic and consistent manner. 


  Some of portal development services offered by us include:  
  • B2B and B2C E-commerce solution
  • Job Portal development
  • Social networking and community portal development
  • Real estate portal development
  • Travel web portal development
  • News web portal development
  • E learning portal
  • Entertainment portal development
  • Enterprise portal development
Key Features

One of the most influential portal developments is the development of corporate web portal. Different companies are making effective use of online opportunity to establish their profiles, services, products. Portal development can also expand their business by marketing their company online. When handling your business we make it better by planning it strategically in accordance to your business objectives. We make sure to understand your target audience and objectives before commencing process. Our design features with rich content and quality compliance layout to influence customers obtain services from you.

Key Features In Web Portal Development:

  • Usability
  • Personalization
  • Assortment of data, function and service
  • Access products training
  • Easy access to CRM from remote locations
  • Easy access to company applications through APIs
  • Consistent, easy-to-use interface
  • Easy access to third party applications
  • Easy access to ecommerce gateways to pay account online


Expected Results

The main intention is to utilize the user base since it can be estimated that users spend more time on portal website. One can expect results from numerous dimensions through Portal development for any business.  Custom web portal development is effective at captivating the interest of users to a great extent. Present corporate portals provide extensive capabilities for business.

Larger customer base
  • Higher search engine positions
  • Offers user friendly features to explore
  • Gathers information at earliest