CakePHP Development

PHP development has many parts, each of which contributes to the overall design and framework of a web solution. Cake PHP is one of these important parts of PHP development. When would businesses need cake PHP development? The answer: When the need is for strong web applications that can perform a host of functions.

We at Nowlix Web Solutions have trained professionals on board with expertise in the major programming languages. As a part of their proficiency in developing web applications for different businesses, our programming professionals also work in Cake PHP. Benefits of CakePHP in web development include:

  • Rapid development, which saves time and costs
  • Frameworks that are robust enough to last long-term
  • Versatile frameworks that support both simple and complex applications

CakePHP Development

Technology And Crafting Of The Project With Cake PHP Development

CakePHP is a framework that gives a robust base for PHP design and development. It permits users at any aptitude level to quickly improve robust web requisitions. The framework is dependent on the principles of MVC Architecture and design (Model-View-Controller) which divides the code in three parts:

– Codes dealing with data like File system, Database and any other data providers.

View – Codes displaying the data and managing the interface like RSS feeds, web pages etc.

Controller – Codes providing application`s fundamental features by gathering the entire input and coordinating with model code and view code.

This is one of the sophisticated services provided by Nowlix as our programmers are being able to do amazing things with it. Being an Open Source Framework, CakePHP is compatible with PHP5 and PHP4.

CakePHP by adding dispatcher components helps in argumentum the pattern and also helps in all the routing requests to the appropriate controller.

Advantages With CakePHP

Cake PHP is always redesigned with characteristic rich arrangement of open source customization capabilities. Unlike different MVC`s CakePHP is tailor make frameworks based open source engineering.

Advantages with CakePHP development are:

  • It reduces the aggregate cost of building a website Silver-light runtime for some versatile mobile platforms.
  • It empowers experts or engineers to diminish code repentance at the time of developing website.
  • It is perfectly compatible with PHP5 and PHP4.
Being developed under MIT permit, it is free to use.

Nowlix Web Solution incorporates open source application development using the object oriented methodologies which layered approach to high security level, application configuration, reliability, reporting, localization, supportability, high speed image processing, multithreading capability, font management, 2D graphics, serialization and all other related web services.

We keep pace with engineering and advertise changes as customers' changes too dependably continue evolving. A few customers may be tech adroit some may not be so cognizant. Our finished projects come with assurances to be ready for online launch. Many customers have liked our fitness in Cake PHP web development services and we are striving to keep furnishing dependable and robust solutions.

What We Do?

Our Services

We at Nowlix Web Solution provide the following services related to CakePHP:


    • CakePHP Development: All sorts of web and mobile web applications, utilizing the most recent industry standards.
    • Mobile Development: Android and iPhone development, optimized for a better user expertise.
    CakePHP Migration: Migrate to the most recent version of framework to exploit new features, and additionally security and performance benefits
    • CakePHP Consulting: Use our expert services to enhance adaptability, security and architecture design to unlock the potential of the apps.

In addition to the above services, we likewise furnish CakePHP solutions for ecommerce site, media & amusement sites, real estate sites, business website development with shipping integration solutions and payment gateway.

With extensive knowledge on Web development through CakePHP, we reliably furnish CakePHP solutions. For production of a robust solution to the high end web applications and website, we follow the complete development life cycle. Our developers can be relied upon to get the best value added CakePHP development solution.


CakePHP Developer

  We have a pool of capable CakePHP engineers, who have expertise on extensive variety of CakePHP solutions over different businesses and verticals. Our CakePHP developers are overall versed with CakePHP's security characteristics to help keep your sites and web provisions secure and ensured.

The greater part of our CakePHP designers are usual with article arranged customizing and MVC structure to use its implicit characteristics, for example acceptance, database access, validation and getting. Our CakePHP designers improve sites and provisions utilizing most recent innovations and guidelines. The CakePHP engineers at Nowlix are educated and talented to assemble expansive run of dynamic CakePHP sites, ecommerce and other applications.

Why Nowlix CakePHP Development?

  • Best quality benchmarks accessible for projects.
  • Our development methodology ensures best results for projects incorporating broad scope of unit testing, usability test and plugins.
  • We have specially trained and focused team of developers who are expertise in CakePHP.
  • We are spread over the globe and to make the project moving we make sure our developers are also available around the globe. We have been working for the greatest names in the industry as well as for startups.

Key Features

CakePHP Experts


When you work with Nowlix, you'll have the preeminent CakePHP specialists at your fingertips. We utilize numerous CakePHP designers and contributors, gloating over 5 years of joined together experience in application development, database outline, and venture gathering.

Training And Reviews

Nowlix can help you amplify your learning of the CakePHP system. We offer both corporate and individual CakePHP trainings. Not certain if your code meets your necessities? Our specialists can audit or review any in-house or outsourced code to guarantee that it meets your organization's standards.

Rapid Development

Our impressive knowledge of the framework makes our PHP development the quickest accessible. When you pick Nowlix, you can expect extraordinary outcomes, even on the tightest of calendars.

Best Practices

Our Best Practices To Develop Applications

Being a versatile platform and open source, CakePHP allows easy integration and cross advancement of different applications. Nowlix Web Solution fuses best practices to advance applications that are custom rich and successfully perform any deliberate assignment. We make utilization of best instruments accessible in the business to construct applications; we mix innovation and innovativeness to raise applications that separate us as a heading designer in the business sector. Best practices can power your business chances.

Let us see the portions of the profits that you can secure with our best practices in the field of development.

Be Distinguished: The developed applications that we fabricate can help your distinguishment around clients and contenders. One best web service is capable enough to make sure about your distinguishment.

Prime Position: All Successful solutions related to marketing that we give can dependably keep your web business at prime position.

Adequate Pricing: This is the best place to contribute for your web or application development since we take after best practices to plan and develop systems.