CodeIgniter Development

One of the key reasons PHP development is important for business web applications and services is its versatility and range of uses. There are different levels and ways in which PHP can be used, suiting different business needs. CodeIgniter is preferred by many programmers for its ability to build web applications with a wide range of features, using a lightweight toolkit. Codeigniter has the following benefits:

  • Lightweight frameworks
  • General compatibility with minimal issues
  • Rapid and clean development
  • High performance
At Nowlix Web Solution, we have professionals with experience and expertise at different levels of PHP development. Whether you are looking for large-scale application development or swift, lightweight development for precise objectives, let us know. We can develop something that suits your specific business need.
CodeIgniter Development

We Provide You The Best With CodeIgniter



For a website to flourish it need to incorporate certain required accessories. These accessories include the likes of PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and others based on what the website is based on. Again each of these has many ways to be implemented. Your requirement and the setup of the website basically decide which method will fit into your purpose. CodeIgniter is such a way that we use at Nowlix Web Solution to implement PHP into your website.

About CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter is an open source framework that enables users to create PHP program in an easy and fast way. CodeIgniter is a popular modern framework. It has been preferred over a lot of other frameworks due to its pace. CodeIgniter incorporates the Model-view-controller development technique which also gives it an edge. Many reputed people from the web industry prefer CodeIgniter for development with the likes of Rasmus Lerdorf, the creator of PHP who once said that CodeIgniter is least like a framework when used.


CodeIgniter, like any other framework, boast of some unique feature that makes it standout in the crowd of web application developing frameworks. Some of them include:

  • Speed – This one single feature of CodeIgniter has the ability to make it standout. Creating an application using CodeIgniter is lot faster compared to any other framework for programing in PHP. It is basically due to the simplified library that enables the coders to direct put in the common stuff rather than building line by line.
  • Zero Configuration – CodeIgniter needs no configuration to be in a full running condition. Its base mode is able to perform most of the task for you, while certain task might require some small amount of configuration.
  • Easy Programming – Programming is very easy and does not have any restrictive coding rules. This allows quicker programming as one can use many different pathways i.e. programs to create a common application.
  • Compatibility – Programs from CodeIgniter are compatible with most of the web hosting accounts. With the increased utility of the framework, very few hosting sites remain that do not support this framework.
Clean – The output of the CodeIgniter are pretty much clean and simple. The URL generated are simple and also search engine friendly.

Professional Help

Why do you need us?

Though CodeIgniter is a simple and fast framework, still you would need certain knowledge to make certain tricky applications work. As it is basically programming though supported by modern framework concept to simplify the coding, you would need PHP knowledge to the fullest. And as everyone knows any programming language offers a wide field to explore, it is not preferable to have an in-house developer. You need experience in the field to get the output in satisfactory form and time. For this you need professional help.

Nowlix Web Solution is a web developing company which has been using CodeIgniter for quite a long time now. We know how to handle CodeIgniter to create different web application based on different needs. We can create all the types of application that your website would be needing, support your PHP backbone and develop your website in the direction you want it.

Our Work

What We Do?

There are numerous service that we offer based on the CodeIgniter. Some of the major service provided by us includes:

  • Web application development – The most basic service for the websites, to have their own application to perform certain function on their web page. These may include applications that are just tailored to fit into your needs or applications that has to be made on custom specification just for your website.
  • Integration – Like other framework, using CodeIgniter you can also integrate third party webpages and applications like the Google Maps or the PayPal portal.
  • Portal development – Using CodeIgniter, we also create portals for various websites right from the scratch.
Website development – Using CodeIgniter, we not only develop the supporting features of any website but also do develop the complete website as well.
  • Migration of application – Many websites owners are changing their applications to the one with CodeIgniter base. We handle such problems under this service. We understand that website owners prefer one framework over the other. In such case, you already have an application in one framework, we can change it into one with CodeIgniter framework at lower and very considerable cost.
  • Updating – Many websites have their PHP programs built years ago when they were launched. Obviously, the version is outdated and you can get your application working with better efficiency simply by upgrade it to the latest version. Upgrading again is more efficient, quicker and cheaper than building out of nothing.
  • Maintenance – Along with the various services, we also provide full maintenance of your CodeIgniter codes that handle most of the things happening on your website. Good support is needed with CodeIgniter to keep you website running with functionality at all times.

Our Work Motto

Why Should You Choose Us?

There are a lot of companies today in the web industry that offer services with the CodeIgniter Framework. But we are different. We have the unique and best offerings for you. Nowlix is a team of talented and experienced professionals. Each department of our team knows how to perform his specific task. When you take our services one thing is sure, you will get right things at right place and a satisfactory output within your specified time frame.