CorePHP Development

Our Core PHP development will enable you to receive dynamic website for the business and customers. With our programming language, it is possible to develop unique and interactive experience for you as well as for your customers. PHP web development will ensure website visitors to come to website and make it popular among the customers.

Advantages of PHP web development:

  • Reduce the developmentand maintenance cost
  • Supports different kinds of platforms like UNIX, Windows and Linux
  • Supports different databases like MySQL, Oracle, Solid, Generic ODBC
  • Dependable performance as well as reliability

Our team experts are highly eligible and they know how to manage the additional and basic works that can maintain the standards of PHP development projects.

CorePHP Development
Advanced Technology

Functionality And Style Where Blends Perfectly With Ease



As a technology, PHP is offering an edge to web oriented technologies. The development taking place on PHP technology can surely bring the latest and innovative features at real time. Whether you are looking for enlargement of images, web 2.0 technology implementation, website renovation or web customization, enhancement of features, everything is possible through PHP.

Scalable Solutions For Our Clients

Nowlix Web Solution offers you state-of-the-art infrastructure that is built in order to cope up with different kinds of environment which can also lead to sophisticated solutions. We are presently offering you corePHP development that comes up with the recent version 5 which is highly efficient and our expert professionals can develop a valuable website for you.

Creation Of Dynamic Pages

Our solutions are actually based on the diligent services that are finally bestowed on our clients. Our complete feasible methodologies are developed to meet with the natural platforms for application development as well as execution that include functions for business development, content management, web server configuration, client side server scripting.

Creating Web Pages And Applications Have Never Been Easier

Core Benefits Of CorePHP Development:

  • Can certainly support a wide range of databases
  • Performance and reliability are assured
  • Capable of embedding into HTML code
  • Highly compatible with server like IIS and Apache
  • Low maintenance cost and less development cost involved

Our core competency

It’s Time For You To Upgrade Your Website

Why Choose Us?

  • Highly experienced professionals
  • Correct delivery
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Rich internet application
  • Efficient output

Relevant Services For Your Business Area

  • Online shopping store
  • Custom web application development
  • Ecommerce application development
  • CMS website development
  • Business Directory website development
  • E-learning application development
  • Web portal development

Looking For Integrative And Robust Solution?

There are ample possibilities with CorePHP development:

  • Continuous monitoring of the website traffic
  • Systematic approach for the application development
  • Renovation of the portal and website with PHP
  • Web oriented feature development
  • Major advancement done on the existing product
  • Upgrading of project with technology

Our Professionals

Striving For Excellence

Our CorePHP development team is highly dedicated when it comes to providing of services that is truly effective and can create an effective web application for clients. Our years of experience have helped us gain the expertise in developing web applications that offer advanced functionality, great design as well as style.

A New Source For Revenue

Our professional team is always ready with innovative approach and new ideas which proves the level of creativity of the team in the web applications. This finally allows us to portray the project in a unique way. Our talented developers and programmers will analyze your business before taking their first step in the project. Highly customized and functional website is ultimately generated to match your business needs and this will take you to the next level.

An Interactive Design To Match Current Market

Our extensive knowledge on the latest technologies like AJAX, CSS3, jQuery etc. has enabled us to handle different situation. We are ready to adopt the best programming practices and adopt best coding standards so that we can build a customized PHP web application. Our aesthetically pleasing and functional PHP website are highly optimized. Our complete focus on quality and business objectives enables us to handle PHP web development projects.

Key Features

Creating A Structural And Strong Website

There are different features that you can enjoy with CorePHP development:

  • Highly accessible
  • Low cost
  • User friendly website
  • Developers support
  • Safe as well as secured syntax

Keen About Increasing Website Traffic?

Our PHP web development and programming will allow you to develop a dynamic website for business. With the help of our programming language, it is possible to create an interactive and unique experience for our clients. The PHP development will ensure the visitors to come to your website which will make your site quite popular and will be the innovative idea through which you can gain loyal customers.


Easy To Incorporate Different Technologies

Nowlix Web Solution offers you with experienced PHP programming solutions. The PHP developers, programmers for website will be able to build unmatched solutions. There are different programming languages and platforms available upon which there is the possibility of writing the scripting language, but PHP language is suitable for web development and it can also be embedded into HTML.

Expected Results

Entertain Your Visitors With The Website

Things That You Can Achieve:


  • Easy get highly secured and dynamic website
  • Unique theme and skin can be received which can enhance the front end interface
  • Reliable SEO solution and SMO

Increase Your Business Possibilities

It is possible to achieve custom PHP programming. Our top line of products and services will definitely make us to the first choice for you and we ensure you to develop all types of website. Our website is easily manageable and the rapid development of PHP enables complex tasks to handle with shorter and readable code. Our developers will complete the task within the stipulated time and ensure success.

What Can You Expect From CorePHP Development?

Cost-effective: Time is money and therefore the rapid process involved in updating of application can save time and it is a cost-effective solution.

Instant Services: Our instant back up support is available which never let down the web application.

Reduced Efforts: Do not have to give much labor on updating of the web application as it simple to manage and update applications.