Open Source Development
Nowlix Web Solution comes up with wide range of development services that offers high level of satisfaction to clients. When it comes to security, Open source software offers the benefit of coding that is widely available and quickly fixes the bugs.

The main reason to opt for Open Source Web development service:

No need to invest on any expensive licenses. Open source development will give you the liberty to reduce the time and save costs that are involved in development
Open source development gives the flexibility to enjoy ownership of code. This enables the developers to take and give access to codes to other developers.
Open Source Development

Let Us Help You With The Open Source Development



Open source development is spreading into the web development industry with a good pace. It is essential for all the websites to get into the open source development to keep up with the moving world, otherwise they might find themselves a lot behind the pack when open source would become the backbone of the web world.


What Is Open Source Development?

Open source in the computer world is anything that has a free user license. Whether we are talking about applications like the popular browser Mozilla Firefox or popular development environments like the Eclipse, all fall into the category of open source. While talking of the Open Source Development in the web industry, we basically refer to the free web applications and frameworks that you can utilize for the benefit of your website and your business.

While referring to open source at Nowlix Web Solution, we talk about the likes of developing platforms like PHP, Ruby on Rails, CodeIgniter, Drupal, WordPress and some others.

Why Open Source?

Choosing Open Source

Open source offers a lot of option while you are developing something for your website. Let us have a look at the advantages that you get while working on Open Source:

Free – Firstly, anyone can work on an open source platform without having to buying the platform.
Options – When you are buying a licensed platform, you have a lot less option from where you can acquire it. You got to take it from the publishers directly. You need to have a team to work on the platform. Though the web world is related, it is always better to have dedicated team.
Service – With the licensed platform, every time you have problem, you need to contact the publishers for their support and they are ready to help you with a hefty monetary charge. While on the other hand, open source support can be obtained from any of the web developers who provide services in the specific development.
Development – Again with the development of application on free source platform gives you the privilege of choosing your developers. You may go with in-house developers, cost effective developers, efficient developers or even high-end developers depending on your choice.
Security – This might seem strange, but open source applications have a lesser security issue than the commercial ones. In case of the open source applications, the program code of the software is available to the developing community to see and recommend upgrades. In such a situation, debugging of the problems becomes easier as the developing community is scrutinizing the application independently.

Our Service

How Can We Help You?

Nowlix Web Solution works to help websites reach their targeted goals. We provide several services in the open source segment that your requirement may just fit into one of the services that we have to offer Some of our services include: 

  • Strategy building – When you are in search of an application, at the base you need to know the how application must work. For example suppose you need email id of the internet user that visit your site. That is you purpose, how would you do it? That is the part our strategy building team handles.
  • Implementation – Consider you already have a strategy but are stuck on how to implement it into your website for better and effective functioning. This service will help you to know the accurate and possible implementing techniques that you can use.
  • Technical Strategy – This strategy segment handles the programming concepts that were not discussed in the earlier stage. Both strategy making services differ widely as on is for making interpretations from ideas and other is converting ideas into models.
  • Software development – The final step. With all the backroom work done, the software development becomes the last task to perform. It is the most important task as depending on this the worth of your previous steps will be judged.
  • Support and maintenance –With open source development, maintenance services is in a lot of demand. Most companies do not have developers who can efficiently handle faulty applications which again calls for outsource service to get the application back running.


Benefits You Get With Our Service

Open sources development itself provides the users with a lot of benefits. Accumulating with that, when you take services from Nowlix, some benefits that you might be expecting include:

  Cost – The pricing of creating an open source application without compromising on the quality, is one of the lowest in the industry.
  Time – We also develop application in considerable timings. The quickness of the process does not hamper our output quality though.
  Platforms – We use very effective and feature-rich platforms to develop you application.
  Developing standards – Standard of developing applications and the logics used at Nowlix are of appreciable standards in the web industry.
  Output – Our outputs are a lot simplified and of easy to use nature.

Our Team

Nowlix Web Solution boasts of a very experienced group of professionals who have seen the movement of modern day web world pretty closely. Our experience allows us to help you with full efficiency and to know your needs with perfect accuracy even if you fail to explain them to us. We not only boast of our professionalism, but also of our support and efficiency that we have to offer. Nowlix also have a very good support team which not only maintains your applications but allows maintains your relation with our company.