Ruby On Rails Development

Ruby On Rails is an important framework that is popular with the latest generation of web programmers. It is estimated to be many times faster than frameworks of a similar kind that run on Java. Considered to be the next generation of web development tools, Ruby has a tremendous appeal for modern businesses. The reasons Ruby On Rails (RoR or Ruby) is popular include:

  • Open source development - plenty of possibilities
  • Efficient and speedy implementation, saving project costs
  • Instant application, cutting down on the traditional web development cycle

With Nowlix Web Solution, you get access to cutting-edge expertise at affordable rates. Want to know how using Ruby for programming can benefit your business? Get in touch with our tech team.

Ruby On Rails Development

Experience The Change With Our Ruby On Rails Developers



Being a website owner, you must have known the change in the web world over the past few years and how the techniques and systems come into the being and capture the imagination of the web developing world. Every now and then new developing environments are created to help the web developers to create more easy to use, more attractive and more sensible websites. One such environment or rather framework is Ruby on Rails which we use here at Nowlix Web Solution.

What Is Ruby On Rails?

Ruby on Rails, or Rails in short is an open source framework that can be used for development of web application. From the name it can be easily guessed that this framework is majorly based on Ruby programming language. Ruby on Rails was developed David H. Hansson for web developers, to be able to create web pages and application that could efficiently interact with database, server and interact properly with the users of the application or page.

Rails is majorly build to enhance the principles of Don’t repeat Yourself, Convention over Configuration and Model-view-Controller. These form the basic features of Rail development output.

Features And Use

Features Of Rails:

  • Convention over configuration – This helps developers to keep the program files very light and effective. Using the principle you only need to mention the unconventional properties of the application, the rest of the configuration the system does for yourself simply based on conventional idea.
  • Model-view-controller – It is another property which helps the developers to keep the application light. Using the property you can create large application yet keep the controller of the application as light as of any naïve application. All of the logic goes inside the model to keep a simpler and effective controller for users to handle.
  • Don’t repeat Yourself– This property of the Rails framework helps the application to be more efficient and faster. With all the information stored in a single place, you do not need specify what type of information you need to search but simply what information you need will suffice.

With the above features practiced in Nowlix, Rails ranks highly among the developing tools used by the developers to create a modern day web application with all the interactive ingredients in it.

What Can You Use Rails For?

Rails has many useful features as discussed. Along with it, Rails is one of the most flexible developing tools available and with a bit of in depth knowledge you can create fascinating application and pages that you can dream of and that can create magic for your website. Some of the most popular use of Rails along with application development is the integration of third party web pages that can be done with some simple tricks.

Major Web Integrations Using Rails

  • Location guide – Many websites like yellow pages, tour guides and other business sites require to show their users certain locations. It is the best option to use the most popular maps on the internet for the purpose, instead of creating your own. Many sites use Google Maps and Bing Maps for such purpose using Rails
  • Payment – If you are a site that needs membership payments, purchase payment and other payments, it is sensible to have global payment gateways that can be used by anyone with full trust. Again WorldPay and PayPal can be integrated using Rails.
  • Others – You can integrate many other third party services depending upon your need with the likes of Amazon Simple Storage Service for storage and Campaign Monitor for newsletter distribution.

Professional Help

Need Of A Professional Help

Rails is a bit different from web development. When it comes to creating a Rails file, you are talking about some serious programming which needs a bit of serious in field knowledge to be able to produce the wanted output. As a website owner, you might have a team that handles you web related issue. It is rare to find a programmer in such a team, and even if you have one, his knowledge would be limited and he would not have much of experience.

This is where Nowlix Web Solution steps in. We have a talented and experienced team of developers who have worked on many projects to be able to understand and deliver you required application with ease.


Depth Of Our Service

We offer a lot of service under our Rails development department and each service is tailored for use for specific type of requirements and for all types of websites. Some of the services that we offer include:

  • Web based application development – There are certain application that a vast majority of sites need to have for proper functioning. We bring in those application with tailored features to suit your specifications
  • Custom application development – Some websites need certain application that are not common to find and are strictly for specific use. In this situation we build the application from the scratch moving in the path bordered by your specifications and deliver the application like you needed it.
  • Porting applications – Nowlix has come across many website owners who want to shift their application primarily based on some other platform to Ruby on Rails. This service is targeted for such needs.


Our Team

Us Beside Our Services

Nowlix Web Solution is a team of trained, talented and experienced professionals. We perform our services with full professionalism and with efficiency. We also believe in proper hospitality with our clients and offer them comfortable atmosphere to help them voice their likings and disliking of our output to help us serve them better. While taking services from us, you are likely to experience the following:

  • Experienced team of professionals
  • Low cost of development
  • Quick development
  • Innovative and effective ideas
  • Complete knowledge of what we are doing